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Hospital bag

Hi, I have been doing mine since about 20 weeks :eek:, that is putting things in as I buy them, I know its a bit previous but I like to be organised LOL
For me.
Wash bag (all the toiletries you will need, I bought mini sizes)
make up bag and face cream etc
Bath towel
Hand towel
Flannels (face and btm:eek:)
Lots of cheap knickers
Maternity pads
Breast pads
Birthing nightie
Tidy p'js or nighties
Dressing gown
spare change
Hair brush, drier, straighteners (if you are going to be in for a few days) bobbles or hair bands if you use them.
Nearly forgot, my pregnancy pillow

For baby
wet wipes/nappy bags
bibs/burp cloths (lots!)
scratch mitts
snowsuit /hat to come home in (mine will be a winter baby)
cellular blanket.
You get sudocrem etc in the Bounty bag.
My OH fetches my going home clothes and babies car seat etc when he comes to collect me.
Hope this helps a bit I am sure there are things I have forgotten, but it looks a lot when you write it down doesn't it!!!
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No probs ;) It looks a bit scary all written down like that doesn't it LOL

sukie sue

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oh god !!
i had my little girl at 30 weeks i really should have this covered :0(
right !better get sorted :0)


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I haven't got mine sorted yet and i've only got five and a half weeks to go! I can see it being a last minute rush job! lol

sukie sue

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well this post got me started :0)
found a bag , put in nappies , wipes and sudocreme :0) ......
yup thats it so far , got side tracked unpacking little mans clothes so imm off to the shops to buy baby washing powder to give them all a wash .... priorities !!!!!lol


Addicted to Minimins!
got side tracked unpacking little mans clothes so imm off to the shops to buy baby washing powder to give them all a wash .... priorities !!!!!lol

Oh i did all the washing a while ago, so at least i only have to sort out what i'm taking with me now. Well done for getting started. Must crack on with mine, but have a weekend away next weekend so will probably do it after that.
My doc is talking about moving the Caesar forward to 36 weeks so I need to start packing but just can't find the motivation. I also need to pack a bag for DS so that if it ends up being an emergency Caesar again we can hand him over to a friend or sitter and just chuck a bag of clothes, nappies, books, DVDs etc at them and go!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
lol know exactly what you meen ,
been thinking about it and i have no idea where i will send my little one if i get rushed in again , o.h away until sept 4th and sister moved away .......hmmmm:0)
great idea about a bag for her though , would never have thought duhh !
Thats something I didn't think of IB!

My family live about 35mins away, so no problems getting her there or them picking her up, but as soon as baby is born dd can be back with us and stay at home with dh.
I was induced early on the last 2 due to SPD and I am hoping that will be the case this time, the only downside to being induced is the time spent in Hosp waiting:( with DD I was in for 3 days and on my last I was in for 3 days then allowed home and had to ring labour ward every morning until they had room !! So I have to spend the 2 weeks before I go in organising my 4 childrens school clothes, play clothes,going out clothes, night clothes etc, etc into organised piles to be left out for my mum and sister who will sit with them while DH is at the Hosp with me. I am never organised usually and find it a complete nightmare, I then leave lists all over the place with who likes what for breakfast etc, etc, my sis thinks I am a control freak its not that its just that I know my kids better than anyone else and they all have their little ways, dislikes etc LOL. So that will be the most stressful part for me. Packing my Hosp bag is a breeze compared to that LOL


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I would never have thought of getting a bag ready with kids things in them. My Mum keeps a few spares for both girls at her house, usually some old "playing out" clothes for when they get muddy and messy in her garden and some PJ's in case they fall asleep there. Now they'll both need school uniforms, lunch bags, reading folders and PE kit organising in case I go into labour during the week. Thanks for the idea!
I think getting ready to go in is so much simpler the first time, when you don't have other kids to consider and make arrangements for. We don't have any family out here. If all goes to plan, and it's a calm, planned Caesar in normal hours, then DS will go to his usual sitter who won't need much stuff for him. She lives near the hospital and on our way there, so even for an emergency admission, chances are we'd be able to pretty much fling DS at her on our way in. But in case she isn't available I figure I need a bag of stuff for him so that whoever has him has the necessary props. And if it's a middle of the night panic and someone not so familiar that he goes to, a few favourite books/DVDs/toys, tupperware box of favourite cereal, etc will help settle him and keep him calm. I'm like you Jo, a note will be going in the bag to ensure whoever has him has an idea of his usual mealtimes and sleep times etc. I'm not a control freak either, I just think it makes things easier for him and whoever has him. When I have other people's kids I always prefer to have some idea of their routine, rather than guessing it!

Sukie, I hope OH is back in time for you!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
thanks i. b
thats my biggest worry , he missed bella coming by 2 just hours , they will let him go as soon as he needs but even if the ship is in port that day it means flights from europe and a 2 hour drive to west cumbria from the nearest airport, so an emergency is something im definately hoping to avoid at all costs this time :0)
really glad alls well with you and bubba again xx

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