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hot drinks

no im afraid not too many hidden nasties...saying that i was thinking of the ready made box ones one a costa job ....if your making yur own just coffee milk ect you should be ok
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I would say they're ok from a coffee shop, as long as there are no extras in - I just had a starbucks skinny latte at lunch and it was delish. I wouldn't recommend buying the cappuchino sachets or anything like that...
Isn't it just milky coffee? (I've never had a latte from a coffee shop) Skimmed milk and coffee are both fine, just no sugar and don't overdo them - 250 ml milk maximum per day.
no ive not had from coffee shops as im not sure if it is just coffee !!! i did see a thing about the calories in the skinnys once which put me off ....but if you know whats in it go for it ....im just overparaniod nowdays lol
Cinnamon ones would be a no if its a syrup for the flavour (or if its an at home sachet).

When its skim milk and coffee its fine but be aware larger sizes are a lot of milk (especially lattes) and might put you over the allowance.


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I always drink plain black coffee wherever I go... easier and you soon get used to it!

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