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Hour by hour Wed 24th October

I didn't do very well last night and ate AGAIN!! I've just checked my diary and i go to New york in 19 days!! I must be able to stick with it for 19 days!! Today is day 1 so here goes!! wish me luck, my first litre of water in on my desk ready!!
Morning Maz
I still feel like [email protected] I have a full blown head cold :(
Am using the opportunity to SS after having some protein last night and fruit.
Duvet day in the Spooky house today. I am taking the kids to school then coming home and getting back into bed till I have to pick the eldest up. My sis (bless her) is picking up my youngest at half past 11 for me.
Have a kids party this evening <<sigh>> but its at a bowling alley so I can hide in a corner.:D


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Go for it Maz. New york is amazing, I'm sooooo jealous. I'm up early cos my cousin is getting married today and I need to get over to Yorkshire and get glammed up in major. The meal will b the biggest challenge I've had but I'm determined to stick to packs as I have had rubbish losses and gains for teh past couple of weeks and I need to catch up!

Have a great day everyone.
sorry to hear you feel rough spooky, i've got laringytis and feel crappy as well :( i would love a duvet day :( enjoy it :)
Have a great time at the wedding Chika, what are you wearing??? x
Hi everyone

Just popping in before work.

Chika - have a great day - i am sure you will be strong and resist hun.

I was really down last night after having another fruitfest. I suppose its not really eating the fruit that is getting me down but the lack of control i seem to have. Its a frightening and all too familiar feeling that i thought i had "cured". :cry:

Its so disheartening to see the scales sticking. I know i need to do some exercise to get them moving again and also to tone up my jelly belly. I'm going to sit down tonight and make a serious plan!

Anyway, hope everyone has a good day and chat later

jodiejojo, at least it was fruit! I ate a bag of revels and half an artic roll! I feel the same though, how can i not control what i put in my mouth!! :( have a good day today, you are doing so well and so close to where you want to be - good luck x


I will get to goal .....
Morning Guys,

I'm very pleased to report that I've had a word with myself and no more grumpy Dobbie today. Had a lovely soak in the bath last night (bandaged arm hanging out) straight from work and into my jarmies by 5.30 :D. Had my dinner, big cuddle with my fur babies and in bed by 8pm. Problem is I have no realised just how tired and worn out I am. Roll on crimbo for a nice rest!!!

Maz - c'mon hun. Get your head around this CD thing! Why not 790 for a week or so - you'll still get a great loss and some food? Might be better than keep trying and failing at SS?? Hope you feel better soon too.

Spooky - sorry to hear you are poorly sick too! Get all snuggled up in that duvet and plenty of hot fluids today! Hope you are feeling better soon too.

Chika - have a lovely time at the wedding! Good luck with sticking to your packs. Just keep visualising yourself at WI with a great loss. That should keep temptation at bay!

JJJ - have a good day at work today. Good luck with your plan tonight. The scales will move soon - have faith and some determination ;)

Catch you guys in a bit


Mrs V

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Morning all!!!

Sorry to hear that most of you are poorly....try and rest, otherwise you will make yourself worse.
Maz, come on it's not that long for you to go to New York - I would be quite tough on myself and say that if I don't stick to it and cheat before I go, then I am not going!!! That would certainly keep me on track!!

Dobbie, glad to hear that you are more upbeat today too!!!

Well, I went to CDC last night and lost 5lbs, so now a total loss of 18lbs in 3 weeks!! I really wish that I hadn't cheated on week 2 now and, but oh well!!!
Jessica was up 4 times during the night again and I am so tired! I am getting irritable too and poor Hubby is getting the brunt of it all - and he's getting the same amount of sleep as me.
The house viewing yesterday evening went really well - I think...I took Jessica out of the way as it would be easier for Jason to do it without Munchie trying to climb his legs and asking him what he was doing every 2 seconds!!!

So, another day, another dollar! Almost 2 litres down and feeling ok!!

Keep drinking the water and take it easy!




I will get to goal .....
5lbs!!! Great result Mrs V!!! You broke that first stone mark too!!! Way to go chick! Sorry to hear you had another disturbed night with little-one, hope she settles down soon. Perhaps you can sneak a snooze in at lunchtime??
Morning girls,

Maz come on babe you can do this, sorry your feeling porly aswell hope you feel better soon xx

Nicky,head colds are just yuck, hope you feel better soon hun, duvet day sounds just in order to help you get better hun xx

Chika, have a great time at the wedding, what are you wearing?, saty strong and positive and your get past the meal hun xx

Jo huni am with you all the way babes, i am in need of givin myself a big talking to about the whole scales exercise thing!! xxxx

Dobbie glad you feeling better today hun xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Lol, I would love a snooze at lunch time, but sadly I work through!!!
Hows you all doing??

Dunno whats wrong with me today, feeling genrally low,fed up, peed off!! all in all totalling me being in the worst mood, could just go curl up right now and feeling really emotional aswell today!
Can also hear the scales calling me, they started off very quietly calling now they up to a loud screaming shout!! but so far i am not giving in to them done that yesterday not gonna do it again!!,think that isnt helping with my mood today as they didnt say what i was hoping for yesterday!!
Cant even blame my mood on totm as that were last week!!

Sorry to moan girls xxxx


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Morning folks............onkly just managed to get on. Internet wouldn't connect, really pi**es me off when that happens. :mad:

Well done Mrs V 5lbs that's great..keep it up.:D

Sorry your still poorly Nikki, hope you are having your duvet day you deserve it. Keep warm and keep your fluids up.:tear_drop:

Morning Tara, hope it's going well for you today.

Morning Dobbie, glad you are ok and still positive.

Maz, you can do this hun, just an hour at a time....take care

Hope you have a great da at work JJJ, not too much fruit today eh!:D

Taking a neighbour into Clacton this afternoon to have some special shoes fitted. Poor chap he has been waiting for these for nearly 18 months. Bless him, he finds it so difficult to get around hope these shoes will help him. So off to the Hospital with him later.

Having an ok day, only had 1 litre so far, need to catch up a bit. Still feeling cold, have a thick woolley on today....might have to get my thermals out before long :D

Hubby not very happy, his footie team lost last night 3-1...and as it was a local derby against rivals Ipswich, he was not a happy bunny. Gone off to work in a sulk. I tell him It's Only A Game!. He says NO! It's much more important than that. :D:D

Enough waffle from me...will catch up later

Have a good day everyone...XX


Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
How is everyone feeling now???

I have just had a rather nasty experience with a tomato soup - absolutely vile!!! I think I may have used boiling water instead of tepid....don't really fancy that one again!!!
Due to being extremely tired, the day seems to be dragging and I just want to curl up under a duvet with a huge bar of dark chocolate and a bag of crisps!! I won't though!
Catch you all later.



Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Thanks Tara,

I don't really like soup very much and can just aout tolerate the oriental one, so I think I will stick to that in future!!


Well hello there pretties :)

Just signing in! My OH (or Rake if Mochaj is reading this) has the flu and is dying....bloody manflu, so many victims a year.

I'm back to SSing, have a second interview for a new p/t job in a lil while, and just got out of a lovely hot bath! Things are looking up!!
Will let you all know how it goes.

Everyone ok? Spooky baby, feeling better? Dobbie, what you done to your arm? i know i've been AWOL, i apologise, but now i need all the gossip!!!!

Love Leah xxx

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