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Slow but sure....
I love fresh crusty granary bread and I daren't buy any or it would be my downfall!!! (and has been at times)...

But, I have bought some Hovis Granary Bread Mix which is enough to make a 2lb loaf, it only needs 1oz of margarine added to it - or I would probably halve that and make a 1lb loaf with just ½oz of margarine.

This would control my craving for fresh bread on a Saturday (I'm not bothered the rest of the week) and it wouldn't be as big as a supermarket bought loaf......

It would be a HEXB I know - but I just wondered what the syns might be.....

So a 1lb loaf would be -

250g Granary bread mix
½oz of low fat margarine.

The nutritional values for 100g (for the bread mix) is -

Calories - 225
Protein - 9g
Carbs - 38.6g
Fat - 3.8g
Fibre - 7.3g
Sodium - 0.39g

I hope I have made this clear.....

Thanking you.

P.S.....also how big a piece of the loaf (in weight) would a HEXB have to be?..
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Strutting her stuff
Sorry but granary bread doesn't count as a HEB as the fibre content isn't high enough :(

I plugged the bread mix into the calculator as it's not listed online and it came out as 11½ syns per 100g so 29 syns for the entire packet. Then you'd need to add your syns for the margarine:

Basic/Non Branded Foods Margarine/spread, low fat varieties 28g

Original 5½ Syns
Green 5½ Syns

So by my reckoning that works out as 32 syns for the 1lb loaf. Syns per slice would depend on how thickly you cut them.


Slow but sure....
Oh dear.....there is no way I am going to get my Granary bread fix then, that is far too many syns even for one day's indulgence.

Thank you so much Circes, it was good of you to look it up for me. X


Slow but sure....
Thank you, that's a great idea, I could actually weigh them out out to help me with the syn values too - thank you so much, I will be trying it out at the weekend.

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