How accurate is calorie counting?


New Member
I've been reading a lot of articles that discourage calorie counting b/c everyone tends to underestimate what they're actually eating. I mean I can see this being the case if you just eyeball all your portions.
Personally, I've been calorie counting for two weeks and I find it really helps me. I use a scale to accurately measure my portions out instead of guestimating. If I eat something that I don't know the exact nutrition of I tend to overestimate (or think I'm overestimating) just to be sure.
I don't know if I've lost any weight because I don't have a scale but I don't think I've gained any which is a good thing.
I've also read articles saying this isn't a realistic goal because many people of jumped off the bandwagon, so I want to know how long you've all been calorie counting.
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