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How annoying is this then?

I met a friend of my sons' at the weekend, she is one of these fitness fanatics, and runs classes all over the City. Anyways, she was trying to force me to have a pudding (yes, one of those type ladies!) in the end I told her I couldn't as I was on a diet which didn't permit carbs. At that point she started to rant about how terribly unhealthy it is, how I will clog up my arteries, die from cholesterol poisoning and gain weight rather than lose. My son told her I had lost 2 stone, and never looked healthier and had bags of energy, but she still wouldn't have it. Then when we got outside she sparked up a cigarette.....
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Yes, I asked if they were part of her calorie controlled diet LOL
Ah yes, the nay sayers. Sod 'em I say. I know it works, and I'm fitter and healthier than I've been for many a year.
She sounds horrible and we're all met someone like her.

Maybe she's on the FagHag Diet :D


Happy to be slim at last
You were very patient with her. I would have just told her that I am happy doing what I am doing and it was open for debate.

And as for smoking after that lecture, just goes to show how some people think that they know it all!

I am with Jim, sod them!
My cholesterol was high 6 weeks ago, when I went onto LL I had it taken again, it had dropped from 6 to 4.32 in two weeks, I have been on Atkins now for 3 weeks, had a test done again today and it is 4.31. Some people are very ignorant, they don't look into any of the facts, they make up their closed minds without knowing the details.
I must get a cholesterol test though, the number of eggs I eat!

People like that are more to be pitied than scorned really. I would hate for people to think I was the type to point a bony finger and wag it.
Same here, prior to starting Atkins back in '02 my Dr was warning me I was going to die, Really high BP, dreadful blood tests, really dreadful. When I told him I wanted to try Atkins he went mad. We decided I'd do it but he'd monitor my results on a monthly basis. Guess what after 6 months he decided that maybe Atkins wasn't so bad after all, it seems not only was I losing weight, but my BP was dropping, my blood tests were improving dramatically and more importantly my heart murmur had gone. At my last annual physical I was classified A1. Hard to beat that isn't it.

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
lol just goes to show jim .
i just dont 'get' why there is still so much negativity when there is so much evidence to prove the effectiveness of the programme, do they think all the peoples results are 'flukes '???


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I probably would have laughed and said something like "Oh, now I get it!! You were being ironic - there I was thinking you were just being a witch"

Why can't people just button it?

Well done on the weight loss

Yeah must be Sukie, that or they just flat out don't believe you.

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