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Struggling mental or otherwise


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This may not be the right place to post but i'm struggling at the moment,

ive been posting in the lipotrim forum, ive successfully beaten the battle of the bulge and am down 4 stone and a bit since the end of January still have a lil bit to go but mentally i know i can in the next few months. my weight is dropping each week or two and im back running which i love.

the thing is i'm really struggling with my Dad. he says how proud he is of me and thats great, but i just feel like he's only happy with my now because i'm normal person size.

i ran a 5k race Saturday morning for charity and got a really good time, as usual my family were delighted but that night (Saturday nights are my relax night not cheat or anything but i work off under 1000 calories a day and on Saturday i work of maybe 1600 i take it easy in other words needless to say after running the 5k i was delighted with myself so had a nice pizza and diet coke for my dinner.

after it my dad made the comment that id undone all my hard work by having the pizza. i know he didn't say it to hurt me but it did really hurt my feelings, my family is very pass remarkable anyway but i feel that im the only one they comment on in regards to food and weight. im really sick of people commenting on what i eat, healthy or otherwise. its inappropriate. my dad is naturally skinny and eats terribly but i don't comment to him about his eating and he'd murder me if i did ever comment. My mom sat in the room while i was eating at it and had two slices (she's a terrible picker) and made no comment other than when i said that it was well deserved she said "im really proud of you you've been working really hard, enjoy it"

the thing is its really getting me down it makes me feel like i cant ever eat anything but salad or anything like that around him or my Dad is going to start judging me.

I cant talk to my Dad about it (he's pretty old fashioned irish male that way) but i talked to my mom and she said that he's concerned about me and thats why he said it. i explained to her that i told him it hurt my feelings that he commented like that, that it would be one thing if he say me sitting down eating take away after take away and eating like i used too but one unhealthy meal isnt going to make me fat the same as one healthy meal didn't make me skinny.

maybe i am being to sensitive but i wish that just because i used to be the fat girl that it doesn't give people free reign to comment on what i do with my body.

am i being mental? does anyone else feel like this?
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Just wait till you see him, in 15 years gain a bit and on his first diet to say it's easy and he enjoys his hunger like he's telling you something new

skinny men don't get it

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