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How did I get here?


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I've just seen a picture of myself in the background at a friends party.

The pix was of a friend and I am sitting in the background with my back to the camera. My bum is spilling way over the sides of the chair, my light fabric top is pulling and is a bit see through revealing nasty rolls, my arms are massive and I look just awful!!

How did I get this big!?!?!

I lOst 8 stone with LL and felt great, so how have I let myself get this big again.

Although I love LL, I just can't afford it, so I'm trying CD. And am going to start next week.

Anyone else had a similar experience where it feels like u woke up ?stone (insert your own number) heavier than when u went to sleep.

That pic was a definately reality check!!!
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I can totally relate! I knew I'd put on weight after losing 9st on lipotrim, but I didn't realise it was 5 stone in 18 months. I saw pics of me and thought I'd had a pillow stuck up my top. My face hadn't ballooned, it has now, and I was still wearing smaller clothes - yes they were cutting my in half but still.

Hopefully starting next week. I need a doctors signature so might be a little delayed. Good luck Hun! I'll follow your progress. xx


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I've had moments like that too! Well done for acting positively to it though and starting a new plan x


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I know how you feel!! I always knew I had put on weight as I went from a size 14 to a small 18, but when I saw myself in a mirror I didn't seem to look that big, but I had a photo taken when I was doing a presentation at work and OMG I looked so big. At first I could't take it in, as I was wearing a dress that I thought made me look slim (how wrong was I) but I was sat here one weekend looking through photos and came across that one, I just started to cry and asking myself the exact same question 'how on earth did I get to this'. So rather than sit and beat myself up I pulled myself together and decided to do something about it. Here I am, day 7 of the SS 100% and excited about my weigh In tomorrow evening. I have not felt this positive and confident in over 3 years, It is a wonderful feeling. :D

So heres to us all for doing something positive about it :happy096:
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Same here, I had a photo taken on holiday, me in jeans and a black top, now in the mirror i think 'i look quite nice' in the photo - i look like a blob! I definately see myself thru distorted eyes! Even now i have lost nearly 3 stone, i think i don't look any different! Guess i will have to keep an eye on the scales when i get to maintaining, as i cant seem to trust my judgements from looking in the mirror


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Me! After seeing several pics of me on Facebook, I have finally admitted how large I have got. I gained 2 stone whilst pregnant, lost 1...18 months later I am now half a stone heavier than when I was 9 months pregnant. I would put clothes on and think I look OK, it's only when I look at pictures I see the truth :cry:

I just need to focus on this diet and keep reminded myself of the hideous Facebook pics.
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I went to a 'do' last year, when I was slimmer, had a fab time and had loads of pictures taken. This year when I went to the same annual do I was 3 stone heavier, still had a goodish time but have only got 2 pictures of myself there. The reason being is that I thought I looked pretty good, chose a lovely dress that I thought hid my weight gain quite well. Boy was I wrong! I looked at the first picture taken of me - digital camera - and couldn't believe that was me. It put a bit of a dampner on the evening and left me feeling very self conscious. That was the turning point for me and it made me realise that I have to do something now.
Good luck to everyone on their weight loss journeys x


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Hi, I lost 8 st on LL and put 7 back on, lost 5.5 on CD and am now slowly stepping up whilst still losing. If you want to read my diary thread, I started in March this year and have done brilliantly on CD - have concentrated on making sure stabilisation runs smoothly this time so I never have to return again!
I had a wake-up call from a photo as well. Was looking at pictures from a family gathering, and thought to myself "who is that fat middle aged woman?" - yes, what a shock, it was me! :/

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Thanks girls!! Well at least this has had a positive outcome!


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Hello :) I'm desperately trying to find the willpower to restart Cambridge to finally reach my goal that so far seems to be slipping through my fingers. It's so unbelievably hard to re-start after a long break but I know if I have any chance I just need to get on with it before I put on anymore weight! Here's to us getting this done once and for all!! :)
Years back, after having sucessfully avoided any full length pix for a long long time, I caught a glimpse of myself in my garden, weeding, reflected in my large living room window. All I could see, to my horror, was the width of my hips. What a shock! I can still 'see' myself that day, and the clothes I was wearing (that I mistakenly thought made me look a bit slimmer!).

Sometimes we need that kind of shock to make us take action. To really see ourselves as we are, every extra pound! I cannot go back there, I just cannot. It was awful.


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Eww I have so many of those photo's......It's a real lightbulb moment, dreadful. But I'm grateful that something in my head just snapped and I started on my journey. Feel so good knowing that i'm doing something about it and that this Christmas I won't look like the stuffed bloody turkey!!!!
Fab losses everyone, best of luck for the future!! x

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