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How did you choose your user name?


Can hug her knees :)


Can hug her knees :)
Awww that's nice Megan xx
Mine comes from my love of shoes and my surname for those who are my fb friends you'll know my surname hee hee x
my hubby calls me kerryberry when he wants something he says it in that whiney voice that kids do lol


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I used a variety of names on other forums but there was one where Minimins was recommended to me, and on there I am Guru (because someone once said I know everything!) so I took the name with me to here :)
Has been a derivitive of my name from I was very young :S use a variety of nicknames on other chatrooms tho!
I orginally used a photo of myself dressed as Minnie Mouse for my avatar, and my name is Melissa -- so, MinnieMel.
I use Alex from my middle name Alexandra - and Ice cos I am quite ice obsessed and have to have ice in my drinks even in mid winter and I never used to drink any hot drinks at all.
That has all changed now with CD though. I ahve stopped having ice in water and I have learnt to drink hot soup.
I have always associated myself with ice all my life and it's a bit strange not to have that now!

I have always thought that the day I learnt to drink hot drinks would be the day my weight would start to disappear - and sure enough - it was true!
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Well mine comes from Monsters Inc. I am big, hairy and soft inside like Sulley but when I coach my players to be agressive and hit people (american football) I can often be evry scary.

And the P is the first letter of my surname.

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