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how did you feel day 2

by day 4 hopefully you should start to feel better
This is normal hun. You're not in ketosis yet and so your body is wondering why the heck you aren't feeding it anything. Everyone is different and we've all varied on what days we've felt better but personally I felt much better on day 7 (WI day) after a pep talk from Fattothin

You will get there hun, and soon too! Just stick out these next few days and you'll feel fab ;)


I will do this!!!
Im only on day 5 and feel fine. Day 2 was terrible for me, i was shattered and ached everywhere.
Hi Jen. I'm on Day4 and I've not felt hungry at all yesterday or today - in fact, I've struggled to get all my shakes drunk [something I didn't think would happen!]
I've felt almost happier than normal...until today. Feel a bit under the weather and a bit achey but went out for the morning, then came home and had a bath andsat in PJ's.
Apparently a lot of people have felt bad up till about Day4 - 7 but the 2nd week is meant to be much better.
Hope you feel better and good luck hun x
thats just how i feel shattered and i am aching all over roll on tomorrow i will fight the fat demons within thanks for your advice atleast i know its normal.......jenny
I felt exactly like that - with a few added headaches, stomach aches and, um, toilet troubles.

It's completely normal. Everyone on here says it gets easier - as do Lipotrim and the pharmacists. Don't worry.

Hope you feel much better soon.
hi i am on day 2 not felt hungry been drinking lots of water but i have felt odd tired and week been trying to help my hubby painting the living room but i kept having to sit down i felt shattered how did you feel on day 2 is this normal when will i start to feel better........jenny
completely 'normal' while on vlcd (LT, CD, LL).....by day 4 you should be in ketosis and feel soooo much better - stick with it....nearly there !

Debz xx
stick with it for another few days I would have given up after day 5 if it wasnt for the encouragement of the people on this site. Keep goin one day at a time its worth it
thats what i have done all day when the family was eating i came on here looking at what had been posted i do find it a good support i will be sticking with it i need to get healthy i am 40 in january and i dont want to be fat and 40 i want to be fab and 40.....jenny
Jenni, if you stick to LT then I guarantee you will be fabulous and 40 and ready to party down in a gorgeous LBD!!!!!!

I remember feeling pants all my first week but that may have been the result of jetlag combined with the LT! These days I feel fine.

Hang in there and focus on your first WI and how pleased you are going to be.

Good luck.



Strong women stay slim
you will feel better over next few days , its just your on a vlcd . Take it easy
2nd day for me too, did not help when my son had bacon for breakfast I do not think there is any smell that gets you drooling as much as bacon:cry: but dont feel too bad apart from a headache and a bit fuzzy.

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