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How did you find out about LighterLife?

Just out of curiosity, how did you find out about LL?

I saw an advert for LL in this week's Reveal. I realised that it was the first time I saw their advertisement in a magazine.

I had never heard of LL (or VCLD) when I saw a LL magazine at a major supermarket at the new year. I was sceptical when I saw the cover page that was why I bought it!

How about you?
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I found it on the internet a few weeks before a colleague at work started it, she lost 2 stone but didn't keep it off, due to not doing maintenance.

It was only a year later, after 2 more failed attempts at other diets that I tried LL. I only did it because I had a pain in my leg every night & couldn't sleep, I knew when I'd lost weight before the pain stopped, I really was my last ditch attempt, but here I am 4 weeks later 23 lbs lighter.



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I read about it on the net and didn't really know much at all about it - I then started reading the blog of someone who is doing it and that was more than enough to persuade me to at least give it a try. Then on the night I met my counsellor for the first time I found another blog and sat and read the whole thing, that one really made me realise that yes I could do this .... even though I hadn't even had my first pack - and thankfully up to now I've never looked back.



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I had read about it on the net quite some time ago, but dismissed it as a crank diet and vastly overpriced.I then went on to rejoin Slimming World, not once but three times in the interim. (My food choices with them were so high carb its not true...always opted for unlimited pasta, rice and potato, very little protein:eat:. I lost a little weight each time, but then stagnated and gave up.:whoopass:)

It sort of reached a head when I realised that my marriage was in trouble. Not because OH was going leave me for being fat or anything, he has always been fantastic and I know he loves me:cupid:. It was because I have no sex drive at all, and am (still) always pushing him away. I mean that literally, and I hope that a dramatic weight loss will help me regain what is lost in me! (Sorry if thats too much info!!:cry::psiholog:)

Anyway, I called:help2: a very close friend who told me about a mutual acquaintance who was doing LL. I called the lady, and she literally came to see me within the hour. She basically ran through the whole plan with me, water, rules and everything. At that point she had lost 3 1/2 stone, now she has lost 5 and still going.

I was desperate, and knew, apart from surgery, something like this was my only choice. I have not and will not look back. I have a very long way to go, but this time I absolutely know I can do it. I will never be skinny, but at 43, and 5"4', I just want to be around for my family and healthy...:bliss:

There....nuff said! Sorry to have gone on...


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Funnily enough, I'm noticing ad's in magazines I'd never realised were there!

A work friend started LL last year and a few shifts that we worked together she was making up her drinks and explaining what it was all about but at first I was a bit sceptical. Then when I saw her a few weeks later and saw how much she'd lost, I got more interested.

At around the same time, a friend of mine who's on another forum I frequent was posting that she wasn't eating and when I next saw her and really noticed the difference, I decided I'd have a go at LL.

I made a conscious decision to start in March as I wanted to get the worst of the winter months out of the way as I thought I would suffer not eating, but now I've started I'm so glad I have :D
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If it not too personal a question Sez , Did the weight loss solve your er herm, Marriage problem... I only ask cause I am the same way. (God the things we talk to complete strangers about!) but then thats probaly why we can !.


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I did LL before CD.

The way I came across it was that I was watching "Deperate Dieters" on the Discovery Health Forum where an Asian girl was doing Howards Way - another VCLD. Went onto the Discovery Health forum and found half of the population of minimins (cause in those days discovery health was quite a good forum and mini's didn't exsist) and that was it!! Off to LL I went!:)
A friend of my bros did it & my bro mentioned it as he knew I was wanting to shift Ibs. So I had a chat with the friend and decided 100% to do it..had to wait a month as was going skiing & all Ok until day 6 whe I nearly gave up!! Didint & havent cheated & neither do I intend to if at all poss as heard it can be v. hard to get back on plus I never want to go through that first week again!
For me it was absolute fate. I was sitting outside a cafe with my daughters .... we were having a full english in the sunshine. A woman walked passed me with some magazines, i could see the word Lighterlife. I asked her what it was. She gave me a magazine and a smile told me her number was on the back and to call her if i felt like it. And that as they say was that.... was hooked, was on the programme a week later. xxx


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Some friends on another forum I post on were doing it and getting fantastic results. After everything changed for me last summer I piled on the weight through comfort eating. I wanted 2007 to be a better year all round so off I popped to LL!
I found out about LL from a work collegue, he lost 5 stone on it looks great (just wish his personality had changed to, opps sorry).:mad: I kept thinking "but I don't need to do this just stop snacking. Anyway 9 months later its now my 6 week and I'm 23lbs lighter. To top it off when I started LL I also found out about this forum so its adouble good wammy eh
I noticed a guy at work who seemingly overnight had the most extreme weight loss I'd ever seen! I was curious to find out what he was doing. When I realised it was LL I skimmed over the website and found myself at an intro session a week later. My initial impression was that there were a lot of women in the session who appeared to think a miracle cure was being given to them! It's interesting that all of the women who were just purely obsessed with becoming a size 10 (lets face it - who isnt!? :D), have all subsequently dropped out of my group between weeks 2 and 4. I thought this was really interesting, as of course, if you consume 500cals a day then you will lose a lot of weight. I was only intrigued by LL because of the councelling aspect. I'm sure people join for all sorts of reasons (other than to lose weight), but I always felt 'it has to be more than that'. Not sure if anyone here also experienced that? To be honest, my LLC who is wonderful and so supportive on a practical level - you really couldn't ask for more - is not the best when it comes to the therapy aspect of the course. I feel quite guilty saying this as she really is so lovely and warm. But I'm finding that I'm having to do all of the 'hard work' myself in terms of the emotional eating, understanding my belief system and the patterns of behaviour that have built up over the last 5 years to get me to this place.

It's all a rollercoaster of emotions I guess. I think anyone who does this purely to obsess about their dress size is not getting the best out of the programme (in my opinion of course :))

Issues aside on the councelling front, I'm so thrilled that I've found this, I'm doing it and it's really working for me. I would recommend it to anyone.
I saw the magazine in the supermarket just after Christmas, and bought it just thinking it was another slimming magazine....boy was I wrong! I am so glad that I bought that mag, and then contacted LL through the internet. Angela x