Started S&S - Moving over from Cambridge - Is there anybody out there?


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I remember using and reading this forum years ago when I started using the Cambridge diet plan and it was really busy - seems not now, but for what it's worth I will post my diary/plan.

Previously I lost 28lb with Cambridge, then got pregnant (yay! Plus it's what I Was dieting for as I was TCC). 2 Babies later - want to get my weight back down

I'm doing S&S but I am being a bit of a maverick because I am doing it purely on bars, as far as I can tell the only reason they say not to is because they don't want to promote a diet of chocolate bars. Well I don't plan on swapping the S&S bars for Twixes and I suspect it's les about that and more about favourable profit margins on the other products. I did Cambridge exclusively on the bars - I want it to be as little prep and think as possible. Anyone else out there done this?

I am doing 3 bars and 1 "meal" - meal is 2 scrambled eggs every day. Even though it's the same thing, having that warm proper food to look forward to is nice.

Also having as many cups of tea with milk as I feel like - too lazy to measure out but fairly sure it won't exceed the allowance by all that much, if at all.

I'm also not weighing myself - I haven't in a while. I suspect I'm 15st ish. I am 5'7" and in the fat end of a size 18. My goal is to fit nicely into size 14. I won't be weighing myself as I go along - it was the slow weeks that nearly broke me doing Cambridge. I am going to go on whether I'm feeling good and how my clothes are fitting me.

I will take a multivit and some psyllium husk every morning.

I'm one week in now and past the hell week - in ketosis and feeling really good! Fingers Crossed!