How do i join?

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
This elite group of WeMITTS? :confused: :p
Hi Purple
Firstly you have to stand on a kitchen stool and rotate three times whilst reciting 'Jabberwocky' in the style of a New York Cabbie.

Then you have to go into town and throw Mc Muffins at anyone wearing Burberry.


You could just say 'Hi - I'd like to join the wemitts' and provided you have a fair bit to lose and you 'really mean it this time' - you're in! :D

Welcome to the wemitts purple!!
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i want to join too!!!!
have read a lot of threads on here over the last few weeks and find you guys MOST INSPIRATIONAL!!!!
Minimins is becoming my lifeline on my weight loss journey!!!

Jump on board Suzie .... the wemitt's den has rubber walls - we can all fit in with room to spare!

Incidentally, just like to make you aware we're having our second 'meet' in Birmingham on November 25th/26th. We chose the venue because it's pretty central (wemitts are flung far and wide in the UK).

We met in June for the first time and had the most marvellous time: we were like long-lost buddies!! It would be great if any of our new wemitts could come too so if you're interested, just shout and we'll pass on the info. Please come!!
I would love to but i'm off to london on the 26th november to see george michael - will definitely be up for the next one mind!!!
Hi been reading all your threadswhich I enjoy so mush lots of help gained already.
Have been doing CD since January and have lots 7.5 st still have over 2st to go and I do meen it this time espicaly the keeping it of part so can I still join??????PLEASE
THanks so much.

The thought of being to thin for anything!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now that is a nice thought,Do not think it will wvwe happen though.
But must tell you
my eldest son has old bug (car) its over 30years old he has just done it up taken over 3 years to do well as you can emagine is hie pride and joy and mummy got a ride in it on Thursday when I looked at this car nealy touching the floor sport sets (so small) I thought can how am I aoing to get in there???????????
BUT I did and quite easy realy.when we got home he gave me a hug and said I am so proud of you mum you would never had fitted in those sets at the begining of the year and we both shead a tear,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome all new WeMitts. As long as you Mean It This Time, you're part of what has become our "family".
Post often, and don't be afraid to share/ask/discuss ANYTHING.
Ann xxx
LOL you lot are brilliant :D

Now I know I'm a maintainer now, but I'd love become an 'honourary' member of a very special group too 'cos I really did mean it this time. Hey girls, at the ripe old age of 60 didn't feel I had many chances left of getting it right ;)

Course there is an ulterior motive ;) Would be great to meet a lot of you lovely peeps so although we'll be in Mexico in Nov would love to be included in future meets :)
Libbie - That's a very inspirational tale about the car ride ... you must have been over the moon! It's achievements like this that make the journey worthwhile. Only a fellow wemitt would understand the significance of being able to fit comfortably into a car seat. Well done!!

Demon - You're a most welcome 'honourary member': you hold the wemitt 'creed' dear to your heart and that makes you a top-class wemitt!!

A huge and rapturous welcome to our newest wemitt buddies!!

Libbie that is so sweet of your son to care enough to tell you how he feels and remind you how far you've come and achievements such as this!
Sounds like he loves his mum very much, and mum loves him too! ((hugs))
Thank you all.
I am going to enjoy being a wemitt I am sure.
Must do it this time 55 now and can remember saying I would be slim at 40then 50,2 of my sons have been married both devorced now and wonted to be slim for there weddings but not,I did lose weight for both but had a size 24/26 for the first one and 28/30 for the 2nd one .
Hopefully I will have another wedding to go to one day and this time I will be slim yes I will because I am a wemitt now and I can not let you all down
It is so nice to come on here an chat to like minded people,who have been or are going through the same things as me.
I know you will understand how I feel about the sillest thing.
From reading the threads I know some one can help with most things.I have read lots of usefull info.
I am lucky I have a loving hubby and 3 great loving sons that are all suportive and have said and done lots of nice things to help me do this but thet do not realy understand not like a fellow wemitt does.
Thank you all for being there and I am proud to join a bunch of such friendly helpfull surpotive people.
Hope I can also help others the way you have already helped me.
Sending you all hugs xx
Libby, you have done so well so far, i'm sure you'll make it to goal, and for YOU no one else, no other event! ;)
Either way though.. you must feel a lot healthier now than before.. and that is a real prize in itself.

I agree the way I feel at the moment is so much better then I felt at the start of the year and I am sure it will only get even better.
I have always(like lots of others) not liked myself very much,not for who I am but what I am if that makes sence.
I hated looking in the mirror and photos were a no no if I had to have them taken I would try to hide at the back of the group,most of the time I was the biggest person in a meeting,at a party having meal,so always tried to hide at parties always in the kitchen out of the way.
I feel part of me has got lost and now I am going to find it again.
THis is for me I want to live for quite a few more years and I am sure the way I was going is would have been a shorter
life.I am happier and healther now and life is good.
Going to stop as I do rabbiet on.
You rabbit on all you like on here Libbie. I can identify with all you say. Now, I wish I did have some "before" photos, but can only find 2 or 3 as, like you, I avoided the camera. I'm glad now that LL Counsellor insisted on taking photos.
I never liked looking at myself naked before, and I still don't - different reasons now, but still the same effect! I don't mind looking at myself in a mirror, clothed, though now, so that's something.
Ann xxx
I have even brought a new mirror for the bed room.
I told hubbie I liked it because it made me look thinner almost 'normal'
His answer was but you are.
I am always trying things on now and looking at myself.
Finding it hard to see the new me but gettiing there.
Like you I do wish now I had some before photos.