How do I stop the weight loss and stabilise ?


How do I stop.

I'm not on a diet. I'm watching what I eat, avoiding the rubbish and trying to look after myself.
I'm much nearer the finish line now having maybe at the very most a stone to go now. If I do lose that, I'll be 11 1/2 stone. I don't reckon a 6 ft 2 ins male should be less than that. I was 19 stone at my heaviest.

Anyway, I'm quite happy eating what I'm eating these days and don't want to go backwards, so would rather totally do without the temptations of old.

How do I get the weight loss to stop ?
Or will it dawdle to a standstill of it's own accord ?
I really don't want to increase my intake ever again.
If you eat a healthy diet, and lead a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise your body will just stabilize to your natural weight. :D
If you are eating enough for what you are doing job wise and exercise wise then your body will stabilise...if you are eating too little then you will continue to lose weight...a plateau naturally occurs though I think...but if you for example have built up more muscle by exercising then you need to up your calorie intake a bit to make up for the increased's nice to be able to play around with it...experiment and don't be too regimental about stuff...have a cheat meal or a cheat day (to stop bingeing and overindulgence)...everything is good for you within reason and in moderation...