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OK so 4 years ago I was 164 kilos and I signed up for stomach surgery. I made an effort myself and got to 154, then I started the hospital plan of pre op sachets and soups etc and lost a bit more. post op I quickly got down to 120 then 114 then stuck for a couple of years then suddenly dropped to 108 and stuck there.

Now ... I read about a professor from Newcastle University, UK (which is actually my home town although I no longer live there) and he's done an investigation of 2000 people and 49% ended up diabetes free. 2 years later 75% of them were STILL diabetes free.

So I trotted off to my local GP and asked him if this was a good idea for me and if he would hold my hand through it. He agreed and tomorrow I start. I'm going to do 4 sachets a day. The plan is to do a month, then a month of controlled eating. Having had stomach reduction it's not like I can over eat anyway.

I'm hoping to lose between 5 and 15 kilos. As I am at 108 now, I will be over the moon if I get to be under 100.

The aim is to be able to stop taking meds for diabetes. At the moment I take a Xigduo tablet morning and evening plus an appetite inhibitor injection once a week.

I honestly don't know if I am going to keep writing here. At the moment I am just saying what's in my head - I have been on here for years with cambridge diet and general diets etc. The Cambridge diet helped but the stomach reduction was what helped the most. I had an awful time afterwards and 4 years later am still vomiting occasionally. However, I'm so much more agile and healthy now and I am happy to have done it.

After being on a plateau for such a long time, I have decided to do the vlc diet for a month and I am actually excited. I feel like a kid before xmas. Im so excited to start tomorrow and even more excited to see the results after a month.

Deep breath! .... let's hope the type 2 diabetes goes away.

Love and encouragement to everyone who is trying to lose the extra weight. It's a tough journey but it's worth it.

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day 1
Well, I got through the day. Now that it's evening, I really feel like nibbling something but I'm not actually hungry and I am determined to stick to this for a month. I've been good about taking a blood sugar reading 2 hours after each meal.
Day 5 and 105.9 :) I can't wait to see 104

Also figured out that I need to get down to 90kilos to have a bmi of 30 so that will be the next goal once I have done this one!
Ok - so, I've stuck to the diet and from the kilo and a half I had lost, a kilo has gone back on. I am trying very hard not to get hassled about it and am mostly succeeding as I have lost volume. I FEEL better and the most important thing of all is that my blood sugar is staying at a healthy level without the tablets. It's very encouraging. I'm still hoping that at some point the scales are suddenly going to drop but I'm concentrating on the fact that I'm controlling the diabetes through diet and not medication. (My doctor is fully aware and onboard with the experiment)
Actual weight is 106.6. Not going to touch my stats or ticker though - until I can move them downwards. 2 weeks and 5 days of the month left to go and if the doctor agrees, I may do a few weeks more.