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how do u make a MIM again?

ok i found a reciepie in the thread above but its all in cups n packets.
can someone expain in g for me?

1/4 cup flax seed? g??
1/2 teaspoon baking powder i get that, are we allowed baking powder?
1 packet splend? how man tea or tablespoons is that of the granual stuff?
1 teaspoon cinnamon.. do u have to use this? im not keen.
egs n butter i get.

also how long in the microwave?
I make a savoury version -
1/4 cup flax (I guess it)
1 egg
baking powder
all purpose seasoning (from herb aisle - contains a bit of chilli, paprika etc)
Bit of extra water
I don't use butter or oil
I either bake it in the mug or tip onto aplate and flatten out to get a base for a pizza, or I toast it.
Gorgeous - slightly wetter mixes rise better
thanks guys!!

i tested one mim with the rec above and it was delish!!!
so i made batter for 4 more.. made them in the microwave 1 min 40 seconds each. In the last one i put a tiny bit of whey powder strawberry flavour. That smelled reallly nice. Planing on using them for brekki with butter or cream cheese!! also can use as a bam with a chicken patty in the middle.. that would be ideal for lunch!

i cant believe they are legal on atkins nevermind in induction!
we can defo use baking powder?
Just yummy aren't they? lol.
And yes they are legal. Baking powder and all. But take it easy at first on quantity cos I have read on the Atkins site that they can stall some poor unfortunates.

Let's hope we don't fall into that category.
I tried my first one this weekend and to be honest wasnt that keen :(
Try adding 1 tablespoonful of cream cheese to the mix. This improves the texture. Or try using the golden linseed instead of the darker one. Or both! You can add cream instead of cream cheese, both work for either the sweet or savoury MIM.

I tinker with the recipe a lot and have found by experimentation that it is endlessly versatile. I rely on MIMs now to provide me with 'bread' and 'cake'. Please don't give up at the first hurdle! Try again hun x
I love 'em! Really quick for when you don't feel like faffing or taking an age to eat something. I have the golden linseed and have only had them savoury.
The first MIM I made was savoury. I didn't fancy splenda and cinnamon. I wanted something to use as a bun for fried eggs or burgers, or to slice up and toast, and then spread with butter.

And boy did I get that 'something'!
eating one as i read, great for brekki at work saves me £1 every morning! made it this morning b4 work was still a bit warm when i got here. Yesterday I had made two mims with the ingredients for 1 by adding a little water and used them as a balm with patty filling. I didnt make it savory and its still wickid!

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