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How do you cope in the evenings???


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Hi everyone!
I'm on week 6 now of ss and although the diet is now easier than when I first started I still find it really hard in the evenings not to cheat!
I still buy the "naughty" things for the family and as a test to my own will-power.
I'm fine during the day as I have lots to keep my mind off food ( by food I mean Chocolate, crisps and custard creams) but in the evenings there isn't anything I need or want to do, so I was wondering what you do in the evenings that helps you not fall back into the old habits of eating while watching telly.
x x x
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I can't give you any magic answers really as I just sit out the cravings! I have less cravings on this diet than others I've been on, but still it's really hard at times. For me, it's really important to learn to live with the cravings as they are not going to be gone once we are slim. I have tried to distract myself in the past, but quite frankly I like chilling out in front of the TV at night (kids in bed) and so I have to learn to do that without stuffing my face. I'm hoping that not eating now will help me change that habit so that I can enjoy watching TV without the constant snacking.

Sorry if that wasn't really helpful!


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Sorry can't help as I wasn't one for snacking in front of the telly, but if I get a craving then I either sit it out, have a bath or get an early night. Usually I only would crave if bored, so if I'm watching something I love on telly then I don't think about it.


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I am going through the same problem !

I have been playing cards, doing crosswords, early bath then bed..........anything to stop me wanting crisps whilst watching TV !

I am suffering with you hun !!!!!!!!!!
I drink sparkling water - I have the whole bottle next to me and just keep filling my glass. Everytime a craving pops into my head, I have a swig using a straw (don't know what that does but it feels better than without!!!). Now, I tend to associate cravings with sparkling water and it seems to have taken the edge of them. Does that sound stupid or does it make any sense at all?????


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....... Its all about 'changing those habits'... I too am a tv muncher, bottle of wine then pop backwards & forwards to the kitchen cupboards & fridge!

I am trying to change all this and learn to watch the tv without it all - its not easy so when I feel the need to pick, I usually pop in here! xx


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I clean and look at clothes online!!
Thats a good point beach--ball!! This forum has saved my CD life on more than one occasion!!!!!!!!


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I split my shakes/bar/soups in half so I have 6 smaller portions a day, leaving 2 in the evening. Slip in some jelly made with sunshine mix and a vege drink (half tsp of each) In my head that's 8 little meals for me! I don't really feel hungry in the evening as a result. Sure a get cravings, but I'm soon able to satisfy it with a mini portion on something!


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Hi, I was a TV snacker too, now I drink lots of water and what has really helped me is having a cup of the veg water flavouring in the evening. I have the marigold veg boulion as it's the same as cd veg water flavouring and was recommended by others on here. It just takes the edge off the savoury craving and has helped me loads. Zoe xx


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Actually I do that - the clothes thing, not the cleaning. I don't have spare energy for cleaning :D

Have become obsessed with what my new wardrobe will be like though.

I clean and look at clothes online!!


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I would have a bath, read a magazine...... internet clothes shopping! or save a tetra for that time of day or a bar so when you feel like you need something have it then.......
Your doing fab........ x


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I've used this forum mostly, just take a glance at some of the success stories, and the dream of being one myself helps to keep me determined. Also the thought that if I blow out I may have to 'start from scratch'again to get back to that point of ketosis.
On a more embarrassing note, I have begun to crochet a rather large blanket, you can do it with one eye on the t.v and it stops you getting up to consider raiding cupboards and keeps your hands busy! (although admitting it does make me feel rather older than my 34 years!) xx

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
no tips really but this site helps! Also have spent the last few evenings in the garden actually gardening and almost enjoying it too
I do alot of cooking now so am still dealing with food and hubby is having lots of lovely homemade/healthy meals prepared for him by moi!!

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Butterfly-I was considering a similar hobby but wondered if at 32 I was too young for the crochet brigade?!


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I am on SS and sometimes have an extra bar in a week that I can break a small piece off to have with a cup of green tea - a bar will last me about 3 or 4 nights and gives me something to look forward to when watching TV. I was never much of a TV muncher I think it's harder if you had got into those habit. I was more of a 'home from work time corner shop dropper inner'



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I sit on here reading success stories and looking at before and after pics...when I start its about 8 and before I know it, the time is 2am :eek: And I still have loads to look at each night.


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i was an evening tv grazer, and now i just have 2 shakes at night in front of the tv instead....
AND i shop like a demon!!!!!
I currently LIVE on ebay getting new clothes....and then i spend a lot of time selling off my old clothes that are too BIG! :):)

I thought about a hobby...but i have now decided that although more expensive, shopping is the best hobby a girl can have! lol



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I struggle more at night, so space out my meals so I have two after 5pm. Also I like to have a bar, and just have a bit here and there, so it last ages, and is like snacking.
I come on here to read or save a few short articles that I want to read to distract me from the munchies :) also internet clothes shopping on Hobbs, saving a "tetra chocolate ice-cream" until the evening to enjoy slowly. :)

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