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How do you cope with the PMT munchies?


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Hiya hun im the same and i too get the munchies!!

I have a cadbury highlight drink or sometimes i mix a highlight drink in to some Fat free fromage frais omg that sweet!
Have you tried putting a curly wurly in the freezer?

Hope you get your chocolate fix


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I microwave some jacket potatoes, make them into wedges, bung them in the oven and have them with lots of salt and vinegar. Good comfort food. It's better than scoffing chocolate, even though it is an 'extra meal'!


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Are curly wurly's good on the syn front? I do like them ;) Never tried the freezer trick... guess thats to make them last longer?


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Thanks Taz, thats not bad. Will have to hide it under the frozen peas cos kids keep nicking my mini-milks...


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as savoury food is normally my downfall I make up a huge batch of 'pasta' crisps and a bowl of houmous. all free on green.

Pasta crisps? take lasagne sheets and put into boiling water until soft, spray frylight onto a baking tray and add the lasagne with salt, garlic granules or whatever flavouring you fancy - then bake until crispy in the oven. You may want to use a pizza cutter before baking to make them into crisp size pieces... When they come out of the oven I sprinkle parmesan cheese over them - as most of it falls off into the bottom of the bowl i don't count this as a syn!!!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
as savoury food is normally my downfall I make up a huge batch of 'pasta' crisps and a bowl of houmous. all free on green.
pasta crisps aren't free - they have a sin value. can't remember why and i don't know the sin value - sorry :)


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can someone verify if pasta crisps are free or not? Pasta is free food, there are no added ingredients to 'syn' up the pasta.... help, not had these in ages and if they need to be counted as not free then would prefer to know beforehand... many thanks
I've been told by my SW consultant that the pasta crisps are free...... Confusing!!

If you can eat these and still lose weight every week then carry on... if you're not losing then start to syn them and see if it makes a difference xxx

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