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How do you decide which diet?

S: 21st0lb
Newbie here so apologies if this has been asked.

I'm 21 stone and I can't believe I'm typing that.

I'm on medication that causes weight gain, I have reduced mobility, but I also eat too much at night and drink wine in the evenings which makes me eat more. The wine stops today.

I've lost some weight with WW before but it always creeps back on. I know that's my own fault, not the programmes. I did lose 4 stone with Lipotrim but found it very hard going - not the diet itself but I hated the shakes and used to only drink 2 most days because they were so vile. Someone suggested Cambridge might be better since I can handle the VLC aspect of the diet, but it all went back on with lipo, not just me but also three people I did it with, so I don't know.

I know people who've been very successful on Slimming World. I've also heard good things about high protein/low carb.

So basically - how do you decide what's right for you? I need some fast initial loss because I just can't tolerate being this size any more.

A few people I know have had ery good results from
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Calorie counting is the only thing that really works for me but I like to throw in a little of SW red/green days and some low GI/GL to control the carbs. Protein based meals work best for me as I know if I use the same number of cals but do high carb/low fat the weight just piles back on.

You really have to choose something that fits in with your life and then eat the highest quality food you can.


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sounds like youve tried a few , so you should know yourself by now and what you can stick to and what you cant

for example , i know that if i do weight watchers it does work but a) if you tell me i can eat a curly wurly , i eat 5, and b) the slow losses i find really demotivate me so i need something that doesnt involve food and has fast losses

Im doing slim and save 3 shakes a day , but if i really need to eat something and drinking water and distraction isnt working ill eat something lowcarb , for example last night i had a tin of tuna with some mushrooms , or salmon and broccoli

it seems to be working for me , basically choose something you think you can stick to otherwise you will set yourself up to fail

maybe something like weight to go , where you have 3 shakes one soup and one meal a day?
S: 21st0lb
I'm limited in that what I do has to be available in Ireland. Anything I've tried has worked for me in that I've lost weight. I'm an all-or-nothing type of person in that I'll stick to a diet 100% and do really well but if I go off it, for example if I go on holiday, then I go completely off it and pile on the weight.
S: 362lb C: 292.8lb G: 170lb BMI: 47.3 Loss: 69.2lb(19.12%)
That's the problem with "going on a diet" at some point whether you fall off the wagon or you reach target you are going to "come off" it.
You have to come at it as a continual process for the rest of your life rather than something you do short-term to get the weight off.

Have a scoot around the low-GI forum on here, that's more of a balanced lifestyle plan with no-counting.

Calories are available in Ireland I believe lol. Start there, they're flexible, easy to count from the back of a packet. You can easily fit in a few nights out with them. No worrying about how many PPs or Syns and have all the HEX a/b's been eaten today.
The weight going back on is absolutely nothing to do with which diet you follow. All diets have the same results if you stick to them - you lose weight. Once the weights off THATS what determines if it stays off or not. If you look around this forum there are just as many people returning to SW/WW/CC as there are to VLCDs and just as many people losing and maintaining fantastic losses on VLCDs are there are on WW etc.

The fact you regained weight wasnt down to losing it on lipotrim, it was the choices you made when you stopped lipotrim.

If you can do a VLCD then Id go for it - Exante is proving very popular and its a lot cheaper than the others. If you want a slower route then as you know WW etc are good options... its purely what suits you best


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I was 25 stone when I realised something had to give. I've had a bad knee for a long time(nothing related to my weight, I was average size when it started) and one day I was walking down the stairs, I just went and broke my wrist. That's when I decided the weight has to go, not just for my knee, for my kids etc..

I went to the Dr's who put me on Xenical, you have to follow a low fat diet (don't listen to the horror stories) and it works. I lost 5 stone with Xenical over 4 months. I love the diet and I was happy with that, but for various reasons I want it of quicker and I've nearly finished my first month on VLCD Exante. I love the shakes and I love the bars, I love the price and it feels great that I'm acheiving goals, getting healthy and the weight is coming off quicker.

If you can handle a VLCD I recommend Exante. If you like to still eat food then maybe WW or SW is for you, you can do both along side Xenical if you'd like to try that.

Maintaining is part of any diet, and is something that we will all have to do, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Good luck

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