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How do you do it?!


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Hi everyone,

I have been wondering this for a while now and need to ask! You know how all of the SW desserts recipes use SW friendly ingredients? Like, scan bran cake has no flour it uses scan bran mushed up instead, cheesecake is made using jelly + yoghurt and quark is used instead of creamcheese.. etc etc.. how do you take a "normal" recipe and turn it into a SW recipe? There's this awesome baking website full of the yummiest looking cakes and biscuits - I want to make them all, but SW style! I just wouldn't know what to use instead of the really synful things and if I'd never made it then I would never believe that weetabix could be made into a cake..!!!!

If this is a really stupid question - sorry..!
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I Think its a combo of creative thinking! and finding a low cal or fat free version of the ingrediants needed to help lower the syns .. creamcheese - lower fat or philly light etc.. not using butter to combine the biscuits at the bottom of your cheesecake etc.



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Thanks Fern. I am just rubbish at being creative when it comes to baking - it's such an exact science I'm always worried I'll eff it up! I want my cakes to look like the ones in the pictures but they never do, and that's when I'm following a recipe so you can imagine what they're like when I'm making it up!
Haha - im not creative either.. i leave it to the likes of staceyuk and britmum to do it for me :D they'r recipes are fab.. go on britmums blog slimmingeats, as she has an orio cookie cheesecake recipe on there that looks yum.. i would make it but i cant trust myself not to eat the whole thing! lol xxx


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Mmm I seen the oreo cheesecake, need to make it for the next dinner I go to at my mums, that way there's more people to share it with - I would definitely eat it all too lol. And you know what would happen to the leftover oreos....! Wish I could invent stuff like that myself though.


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this thread title makes me think of a cream egg! mmm


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Mm creme egg! There's a website which makes giant versions of well known sweets + posts the recipes - one of them is a giant creme egg, it would be awesome for Easter lol. Not sure if I can post links, just google "pimpmysnack" (or don't - seeing as this is a SW forum!!!)


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haha! i've seen that before! imagine the calories!!!

the mini cream eggs are only 1.5 syns though i think! and are GREAT!
For savoury recipes - soups, casseroles, etc., - it is often quite easy to adapt them. I use Waitrose recipe cards and booklets sometimes, also their website, and often it is just a question of leaving out the oil.

For cakes and puddings it is a bit more complicated. A SW cheesecake made with jelly and quark and yogurt is very nice, but let's not kid ourselves that it is really anything like a real cheesecake!

Most cake recipes are very precise in their measurements and ingredients, and changing things or leaving them out is likely to result in disaster. (I once gave a friend my foolproof banana loaf recipe and could not understand why it didn't work for her - until she told me she had put in six mashed bananas instead of three, just because she had some left over!!)

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