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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Hedgemag, 23 October 2007 Social URL.

  1. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    I thought I would start this tread to see if we are all similar in our drinking habits.
    Do you have a certain mug/beaker/glass etc you have to have your shakes or soup in?

    I have to have my shake from a glass which is my 'coca cola' one, but if I drink them hot it has to be in my 'Piggin' teabreak' mug.

    Soup has to be in a soup bowl/cup thing with a handle.

    My hot summer berry is drunk from by 'Murff' mug which I won on our local radio station Dream100.

    Tetras Frozen, then straight from carton,
    Bars have to be in the fridge so they take ages to eat...

    Now it's your turn....................................[​IMG]
    Last edited: 23 October 2007
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  3. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!


    Shakes in a standard glass - after being whizzed to death in a blender!
    Soup - a Huge mug with a flower on it.
    Tetra brick - straight out of pack
    Bars - very slowly as my treat in the evening, after Daughter has gone to bed!!
  4. Mrs Depp

    Mrs Depp Well-Known Member

    Shakes cold in a picnic tumbler with white flowers all over it and drunk through a straw to make it last longer. :D

    Bars, cold from the fridge so they last longer. :D

    Soup from a large mug with a sort of passport stamp print on it. :D

    Never tried the tetras :confused:
  5. Dobbie

    Dobbie I will get to goal .....

    Shakes: all hot from a huge mug filled right up (i make them with loads of water or they are too strong) also with a straw to make them last longer :D

    Bars: frozen - I nibble away at them and they last nearly an hour :D or chopped up in a coffee yoghurt with a spoon:D

    Tetra: frozen from the carton with a tiny teaspoon :D

    Bouillion: from a little black mug
  6. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    You have not lived!!! :eek:

    My favourite is the chocolate one, as the banana is too sweet and sickly.
  7. Mrs Depp

    Mrs Depp Well-Known Member

    I know, Boobyjood keeps telling me that too! :D They just never seem to be enough to fill me up, if you see what I mean! I usually make my shakes up with about 350mls of water to make them last longer lol!:D
  8. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    If you have them frozen, they take ages to eat. I make mine last at least 40 + mins. Chocolate is the best tho.

    INTHESUMMEROF69 Well-Known Member

    I drink from the jug i made my shake in and after i fill up with water and drink from the jug not to waste a single drop ahhh
  10. silhouettes

    silhouettes Well-Known Member

    my shakes i have in a big red wine glass (mixed with 10 ice cubes crushed into it)
    Making the shake into a mousse, i have it in my 'spludge' mug that my neice decorated for me.
    The soup i have to have in a bowl
    The bars i have from the fridge and they are my 'home from work' meal
  11. Opeyx

    Opeyx Well-Known Member

    Shakes cold and spun in the smoothie maker and in a tall M&S 50p glass :)
    Soups HOTT in an big ikea mug
    Tetras i enjoy frozen but only the banana ones
    Bars from the box i try and eat them quickly becuase i dont like the chocolate covering
    Water & water flavoring in a plastic measuring jug

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