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how do you eat yours

just wondering - when I did slimming world before we were allowed to eat our syns on a daily or weekly basis - but things have changed
I also had a consultant that said I should have no more then 10 a day - but now many consultants are giving all members the full 15 syns

so how do you eat yours daily or weekly
and how many do you have and what are your favourite synned items
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I tend to use mine daily - I get confused otherwise!

I usually have 10 - 15 I haven't ever had a consultant tell me take less, and unless I am told different I tend to take things as far as I can get away with!
I have mine daily (I need them!) My consultant advised me to have no more than 10 syns a day too. However, during the week I tend to stick with 5 syns at most and fill up on all the other free food (I have a sweet tooth so 5 syns is often used up with sweet treats). Then during the weekend, I usually have my 10 syns each day as I tend to have 2 or 3 vodka and diet cokes when I'm out or a more substantial chocolate treat. This seems to work for me. I must admit that now and again for a really special occasion, I may have 20 syns on say a Saturday but then have a low syn/no syn day the following day, however there is always flexible syns for such an occasion too. But all in all this distribution of syns works for me.

My fave syn treats are:

Hartley's low calorie jelly pot (0.5 syns)
Alpen light bars (3 syns) (you can also have 2 as a 1 HEXB, which saves syns)
Curly Wurly (6 syns)
Tesco version of Quavers (3.5 syns)
Mini Milk lollies (1.5 syns)
Fruit ice lollies (0.5 syns)
Rich Tea Finger biscuits or morning coffee biscuits (1 syn)


Lover of Extra Easy
I tend to use my syns on a daily basis, using 10 to 15.On the very odd day I may have a couple more but on the whole I stick to my 105 a week.
All the consults I've had have said to use them on a daily basis as some people save them and splurge all 105 at once, which is not good.
However, I know that some people start on 105 and work back and it works for them.
I use mine weekly and use no more than 70 during the week.
I have about 25 on Wednesday after WI and 15-20 on Saturday and Sunday.
I'm trying to think like a slim person and they seem to have days when thay have a splurge and days when they are really disciplined about what they eat.
It suits me to have them weekly.
I spend most of my syns on small packets of salted peanuts at 8.5 syns each, along with sauces, extra cereal bars or bread.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I start with 105 and deduct as I go. I'm very naughty in that I bank alot for friday night but it doesn't seem to affect my weightloss.
last week i tried working the week backwards from 105, but it didn't work for me personally. i can see the appeal though... at the start of the week i loved it! :D lol

i'm back on daily syns now.
well yesterday I really struggled to find things to use syns on - and to get in all my healthy extras
I used to have one HEA and 2 B's but yesterday went for the 2A's
in the evening I ended up have a chunk of cheddar and a packet of crisps that I really didnt need - I wasnt hungry

now to me I really dont see the point in eating for the sake of eating
so I think I might take what is left of my syn allowance (I had 8 yesterday) and work down from 97 from today (or 62) and go back to using one A (unless I cook a dish that calls for extra cheese)
this is how it worked for me in the past
but not going to class I really dont know what the new recommendations are

so thanks for all your responses - I just have to wait and see how it goes
It depends on the day really. I find if I do extra easy, I need my syns more, and if it's a day I run, then I am really hungry. I have been told use up to 15, but scale back if your weight loss slows, but so far so good.

I typically use my syns for oats, cheese, and wine :) Our carnival is this weekend and the funfair is already set up, so tomorrow after WI, I am getting some candy floss (3 syns) as my treat.

I use my syns daily. I stick around 10-11 syns and thats more than enough, some days 6...I have gone from not having any to having more as I exercise a lot and it seems to be working for me.
I just have the 1 HeA and 2 HeB as this is all I need and Im a huge cheese monster, but havent had nearly as much as I used to.
thanks very much for your responses
to use some syns last night and all my healthy extras
I ate two 28g cheese one a one b
and a packet of crisps
my real worry about this is I was not hungry - I did not need to eat but I ate anyway to use it up
I am sure this is NOT right - the plan says to eat to a satisfied level not stuffed :)
not quite sure what to do about eating just to use things up

its early days but some feed back on how everyone feels about this issue would be great
I count them daily, but add up any that are left to use for bigger treats over the weekend. I usually have at least 5 a day and then quite a few over the weekend-but still end up with a good few left over anyway. I've been using more syns this week and have lost a lot more weight than the previous week when I was trying to be 'good' and not use too many syns :rolleyes:

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