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How do you keep going?

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My husband and I have been ttc for 4 years, I have PCOS and was quite overweight (5'8 and nearly 18 stone).

We were told by the fertility clinic that they would help us but I had to get my bmi to under 35 for Chlomid and then under 30 for ICSI.

My next fertility appointment is in 2 weeks and it seems that the closer it gets, the harder I am finding it. I have got my bmi just under 35 so supposidly they should give me chlomid then but I am really anxious about the whole thing and now finding it really really hard to stick to my diet, the more I dont stick to it the more wound up I get that I am going to be a pound to heavy or something for Chlomid! They only give out every 6 month appointments so feel like I need to do this now or else ill be waiting another 6 months.

So my question is, how do you keep it up if you are loosing weight for fertility treatment and how do you stop it all getting too much? :sigh:
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Don't give up! Imagine you have a daughter with PCOS. Give her the best start in life by teaching her to cook and live healthily, the way you are to lose the weight!

Try and focus on this being a lifestyle choice rather than a diet...and choose a diet that lets you do that! I went for Slimming World and am finding it really easy. I just have to learn a few recipes and how to treat myself responsibly!


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My OH and I have not been ttc for long (about 6 months and not really very seriously since I knowing overweight and think about all the health benefits of being a better weight) I'm bmi 37 down from 39 in 4 months. I've also been told in order to get any help should I need it I need to be under 30 before they even discuss it with me.

You seem really stressed out (understandably) and although it may seem hard, try not to worry! 4 years is a long time, but the pressure you are putting on yourself is maybe doing more harm than good. When I was first told that I had to get down to 30 before I could have help, if needed, I thought "gosh, I'm never going to get what I want" and I worried that I was letting my OH down if I didn't get my weight down. For a few weeks, I felt down, stressed, angry that I have this condition and seeing people around me getting pregnant like it was a common cold really made me feel like I wasn't a real woman! I was also starting to feel bitter toward my OH as I was getting paranoid he was watching what I was eating and judging me ("she doesn't want a baby") anytime I cracked and had more syns(am doing Slimming World) I felt awful like I was letting him down.

After a few weeks I sat myself down and thought, this is going to happen, and only I can make it happen. It may take me a while, I may fall off the wagon once or twice for an hour, but this WILL happen. Being stressed will only lower my chances because of the physiological affects it has on your body.

The poster above me (sorry, short term memory is pants :p ) is right when she says see it as a lifestyle, not a diet. If you are in the diet mentality, you fall off the wagon and all is lost. In a lifestyle, you can fall down, like everyone does, but stand back up again taller and understanding that one Creme Egg is not going to make you gain 5lbs!

I hope you get the results that you want soon and stick with it. Relax, don't be too hard on yourself, you are doing great by even starting the journey :)

Hugs xxx
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Hey there :)

What helps me (Me and OH would like to start trying again for baby number 2 once i lose the weight) is thinking "A baby would mean more to me than another chocolate bar"

You have to weigh up (Pfft sorry about the pun there) what is more important to you. You need to keep that end goal as your motivation. You increase your chances threefold by being a healthy weight. Women who suffer with PCOS and are overweight (I hate the term obese) are more likely to struggle, more at risk of miscarriage and are at a higher risk of developing problems in pregnancy. That for me is motivation alone.

Good luck... keep going and remember your end goal!


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You keep going because the only other option is giving up. And you'd never forgive yourself for giving up.

Chin up and keep on in there!


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I know the feeling well! My husband and I have been trying for 3 years and have the same barriers you have come across.

I don't know why but i've not made any "serious" attempts to lose weight over the last two years, and its only been in the last year since my sister had a baby that its really dawned on me.

Like the previous posters have noted its a matter of thinking whats more important to you! Yes I scream and shout when my hubby tells me not to eat that chocolate bar ..... but I know by being good we are one step closer to that baby in our arms.

Keep strong! It will all be worth it in the end xxx


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I technically ttc for 2.5 years before catching on but tbh i did play at it for a year or so before - yo yo dieting and generally not really pushing it. i really started hitting the diet (SW) at the start of the 2.5 years and i really had down days (weeks some times) especially when all my friends around me were popping them out at a rate of knots......when i was around the last year i was put on Met and it really helped with the weight loss and regulating y cycles. i ended up dropping 3 stone to around 16 1/2 stone ....with my cycles being a little more stable i was able to see when i was ov and managed to catch on!!! I was amazed sooo please keep going it can happen when your least expecting it.
I am back ttc again now but as i have put all the weight back on i am at square 1!!! but i will keep plugging away at it and hopefully it will happen again xxxx

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