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How do you make the porridge up?


and ignore the amounts of water on the packet. I mix it with a tiny bit of hot water into a paste, then add very gradually, stirring and mashing up any lumps against the side of the bowl. Makes it a much better consistency. Then I microwave for 40 seconds, take out and stir stir stir, and add a touch more water if it's looking too dry, then back in for the remaining 20.

First time I made it I followed the packet instructions (it used to have instructions on) and ended up with an inedible bowl of wallpaper paste! :jelous: The above is based on long experience. It still tastes a bit weird/far too sweet IMO but it's hot and filling for breakfast and reasonably porridge-like in consistency.
This is the way I make it. I think a lot of LLers make it differently though!
Boil up the kettle, measure out 100ml of the boiling water into a bowl and crush however many sweeteners you want into it; then tip the oats in and give it a good stir until everything's soaked. I then leave it for five minutes to let the oats expand before microwaving for 1min30 seconds.

I like quite thick porridge and making it this way it's almost indistinguishable from regular porridge to me. :)
Hmmmmmm I like LL porridge. But I will let u into a secret.

This eve I was very busy and was preparing my Vanilla/coffee shake as well as cooking some food for my boy. I poured hot water and 1 tsp of coffee and then poured the contents of the sachet into the water. I then whisked it as usual. But the mix looked strange and lumpy. Before long i realised I had opened my porridge pack and not my VS !!:eek::eek:
Not wanting to miss 1 sachet I just gulped down the mixture. I was filling altho quite vile. I am sure I will from now on take more care.:D
Ewwwwwwww!!!! I can't think of anything worse - i'm not a huge fan of the porridge, even with extra sweeteners/more water/less water...just not for me!!
But having it as a shake!! You're brave!!! Hahahaha!! Bet you won't make that mistake again!!!
Blah!! xxxx
I can go one better! I was at a conference abroad while on LLT and didn't have a kettle in my room. You know how you can mix the shakes into a paste with just a little water? (I like the vanilla one like that as it's a bit like cake mixture!!) well I was stuck and needed to have my porridge so I made it up the same way and it was surprisingly edible. In some ways more so as it didn't seem like it was pretending to be something it's not (ie real porridge) and was just good honest vitamin gloop!!

(yes I know that sounds really bad when I read it back!):eek:
For the first week of my diet I didn't know how to mix the chilli, shepherd's pie or porridge, so I just mixed them with hot water as drinks.

I've found that all the instructions for the hot packs tell you to put too much water in - soups I use 180ml, porridge and chilli I use 100ml.

Shakes on the other hand I use more than it says - about 250ml. And the colder the water the better - preferably straight from the fridge!

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