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How do YOU take your shakes??


On a mission!
Just curious to see how other people space out their shakes. At the moment I have the first at about 9.30am when I get to work. Then I work my way through 2.5 litres of water throughout the day. Then I make a soup when I get home and just after that I make a shake with less water as a mousse so it's kinda like having dinner and a dessert! This seems to work for me as the evenings were always the worst for me when the munchies were about!
Then it's another 1.5 litres of water up until bed-time.

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Hi, I was on the LT but have just left, medical reasons and I just worked it out as, 1st bout 11 wen baby sleeping in the morning, 2nd bout 3 wen baby and 2 1/2 yr old having afternoon nap and watching Jeremy Kyle lol and last about 7-9 depending what time kids went to bed at night, then sipped on water throughout the day usually 2-3L
Hope your getting on well xx
I try to have 1st after the school run @ 9ish, 2nd shake before school run @ 3ish and last one when kidz in bed about 8.30ish. I'm having about 6 500ml bottles of water spread out throughout the day but try not to drink much after my last shake or I'm the one up all night instead of the baby!!!

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First one bout 11ish, second about 3ish and last one about 9ish. Ive never tried it as a mousse, I always add extra water because I struggle to get the fluids in, although recently I've really upped it. Might try a mousse later.
Hi, I space mine throughout the day trying to discipline myself into eating three times a day as it were. Breakfast at 9am ish, lunch 2pm ish and evening meal about 7pm ish. Works for me. I drink 2 litres of carbonated water between 8.30 am and 4pm. With about another litre of hot water before I leave for work and when I get home in the evening. E
I find it easier (Less tempting) to have mine when my OH is having his meals.... Execpt for my dinner one as i have that between clients....

I have 1 litre of water before i do anything in the morning... i take 2 litres to work... and then have another litre in the evening.... my evening one at the min is primarily in peppermint tea!!! x
Hi, I have my 1st shake about 7.30am done in the blender with lots of ice, have a flapjack between 1-3pm (workdays or a shake at weekend) and then either soup or a shake between 7-9pm and I try to drink between 3 n half to 4 litres of water throughout the day :)
Forgot to say, have about 6-8 cups of black, decaf coffee too during the day
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