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How does core work?

Not a pro like some on here but.... hope this helps.

I think you have a points allowance of 21 a week. Then you can eat as much as you want of the foods on the core list but you should aim to eat 3 times a day. Not too clued up on this so dont hold to me that chick lol. The 21 points are for foods not on that list


That might help too x

ooohhh, ps, i found this :

Tell me more about Weight Watchers Core Plan?

Quite simply, you eat as much as you want from a list of ‘healthy’ foods such as fruit, veg, wholegrain cereals, lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs, brown rice, potatoes, skimmed milk and low-fat dairy products.

You should aim to eat three meals a day and only eat until you are comfortably full (not stuffed!). You are then allowed a weekly allowance of 21 Points, which you can use for treats or snacks.

Weight Watchers Core Plan is based on foods that a have a low calorie value relative to their actual weight, in other words, they have a low energy density. According to Weight Watchers, research shows that people tend to eat the same weight of food each day, regardless of the calories it contains. So by eating mostly foods with a low energy density you'll feel satisfied on fewer calories. At the same time you’re encouraged to use a scale to help you identify feelings of hunger and fullness.
Hi Gemma

I only do the core plan online, so not sure what book it would be in.

Basically you have lists of foods that you can eat freely from, you can have unlimited portions of these foods, the only restriction being that they should be eaten only during 3 meals a day. Outside of meal times you can only have fruit or veg to snack on - anything else should count as points. You have 21 points a week to use, plus any activity points you earn.

The foods you are allowed are basically:
Lean meat
Fish & seafood
Pasta, couscous, polenta etc
Beans, pulses & grains
Brown rice
skimmed milk
various cereals
extra light soft cheese
all fruit and veg
low fat yoghurt, fromage frais etc
and all non-creamy soups

The focus is on eating until you are satisfied, rather than stuffed, which i guess helps to restrict your calorie intake beyond what you actually need.

Personally i find it gives lots of scope for eating normally with other people, or out in cafe's and restaurants as you only need to point what is extra to the core foods.
Have you got the "Eat healthy" (think that's the right name) book that's part of the stuff you get when you first join WW? It's in there.

If not, the info given above is pretty much it anyway. Eat freely from the core list (link above to Noreen's site is a good comprehensive one) three meals a day. Any food that is not core or is not eaten as part of a meal (apart from fruit which you can eat freely) is pointed from your 21 points a week allowance. You can earn extra points via exercise the same as on points.

Are you going to give it a try?
Have you got the "Eat healthy" (think that's the right name) book that's part of the stuff you get when you first join WW? It's in there.
It's 'Eat Wisely' :)

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