how does it tast


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I like the taste. I have tried CD before but found the shakes had a really bad after taste. these ones mix really well and taste yum.


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i like most of the shakes, except vanilla and im not too keen on the chocolate but i can drink it, everyones tastes are different though you would maybe be as well buying a couple of sachets and seing what you think of them for yourself. are you thinking of doing CS?


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The shakes are so much nicer than LL or CD ones, and as said in a previous post, they mix really well, so you truly can make them up on the move (had a cafe latte one in the car this morning, shaking it up at the traffic lights!)

The bars are totally amazing too!


Have had my 1st CS shake Vanilla really creamy and as everyone says so easy to mix up......
Did CD and LL and the shakes were lumpy.
To taste choclate at lunch :D


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Hi - so far I've tried the Cafe latte shake, which was ok but not really to my taste and I love coffee, and the banana shake which is wonderful...yum...yum...yum...really enjoyed that one - twice! Chocolate tomorrow and a fudge bar - so I'll let you know what they're like then!