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How have people got on with extra easy,slimming world

Hello i am new to this site,

starting slimming world again tomorrow.I tried extra easy after i had my daughter last year but wasnt losing very much weight,sometimes only half a pound each week and sometimes nothing.Its a shame as i really enjoyed this eating plan but had to go back to red and green days as EE didnt seem to be working for me.Is this just me or have other people had problems with it.

With christmas i fell of the wagon a bit so
really need to get my act in gear this year as i still have baby weight to lose.Im hoping to get 2 and a half stone off,desperate to get back into my old clothes again.

Im hoping to lose about 3 pounds a week,do you think this should be acheiveable?

I will be grateful for any advice/comments


:) :) ;)
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I have never done red/green so once I got my head around EE it was easy! I have lost 20lbs in 18weeks (had the occassional gain!) so really happy with it.

It takes planning as can be hard with only 1 heb unless you syn it!
What is extra easy


I gave up going to classes early last year when I lost my job and money was tight but I have carried on with SW doing the red and green days - what is extra easy?

i only do EE as its so easy ive lost 4 stone 9 &1/2 since mid may so if you stick to it, it does work i think the key is making sure you have at least your 3rd superfree with each meal, i never go hungry infact i eat more now than i did at my heaviest :0)


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extra easy for me cos i find it extra easy, i lost 35lbs in approx 16 weeks last summer, the plan is incredibly simple to follow, fits in with the family but it is important you record what you eat and ensure you have your 1/3 superfree with each meal

let us know what you decide to follow, if you go extra easy post your menus and you'll get lots of support on advice on how to make it work

good luck donnax
hi emyjayne i am doing ee and can't seem to get my head around it my weight losses have been low too - I only lost 1/2lb in my first week and ss in my 2nd week since then it's been 1/2lb or 1lb a week, which i guess is good a its a loss and coming off slowly so more likely to stay off but it is really frustrating when you sit in meeting and they go through peoples losses for the week adn people are losing 3-5lbs
i might try one of the other plans for a while to see if i have better luck with them, as i need to lose weight as i'm hoping to start a family this year
good luck with your journey
gem xx


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Hi Emma,

I love extra easy and have lost almost all my weight on it. However everyone is different. My recommendation to you is to stick with what you feel most comfortable on - that way you are much more likely to keep on plan for the long term (and maintenance after that). This is not a race (although we would ALL like to lose our weight as quickly as possible) and the more you can get into good sustainable habits, the more likely you are to stick with it and be successful. That doesn't mean however that it isn't worth trying a few days on green/red but I'd keep to what suits you best as long as you are still losing.

3lbs per week is achievable but most don't lose quite that much especially if you haven't got a huge amount to lose.

Good luck.

Gail x
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Hi Gem,

Good luck with trying other plans. Let us know how you get on.

Gail x
Hi Guys I was struggling with EE was about to give up but had a word with leader so now I eat a third free food and 2/3 super speed ;) xx
Hi Mrs s 08,
Try having more superfree with your meals or a fruit salad after your meals that should boost your weight loss also look at getting more super speed/ speed foods inside you on a daily basis

I hope this helps xx

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