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How important is water?


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It's very important. It's pretty much what keeps you going through most of the good and bad times. The trick is to find different ways to get the water into you. Never leave the house without a bottle of water. Drink a crap ton of coffee/tea, add some of the water flavourings that your CDC can sell you (Expensive, but they last forever. Had my 5 weeks and my tub is still full) Hope that helps!


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Water is SO SO SO important! Totally agree with Martyn, find different ways! I love fizzy water now, it feels like a real treat.. even though it's not! I also drink a lot of tea and green tea!


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I agree 100% with what they both said. I believe water's 'the key' to weight loss with any diet but is vitally important on one like the Cambridge. Fizzy water's starting to taste like a treat for me too! :)


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I read from someone on the forums that in order to burn 100g of fat you need 400g of water. So yes water is VERY important in this diet!


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The more you drink to more you shrink ;-)

A common misconception I am afraid. You need to drink at least 2.25litres of allowed fluid per day, anything after that is personal choice. If you drink too much you are at serious risk of water toxicity, which can kill. You need to learn what is right for you. I reckon I have about 3 litres per day, but this is mostly made up of herbal tea and black coffee :rolleyes:. If I drink too much I feel very bloated, if I don't drink enough I end up with tremendous headache and achey kidneys the next morning.

Listen to your body and give it what it needs, don't try and drink 5 litres because someone else says you should (I have seen it posted on here before - grr) - yes some people do drink 5 litres a day, but normally they will have been used to drinking a lot before.