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how is everyone doing on CD?

Hi ladies,

Im also on the 810 plan! Lost 7lb last week, and 2nd WI is on Wed night. I cheated on Saturday, so not sure I will lose anything this week! :( No ones fault but my own!!!
Hope everyone is having a good week :)
I am currently on 810...
So for lunch I went to the Harvester, I was good and had salad and the plain chicken but I caved in and had a bread roll and butter.
It gets worse... I then went out in the evening and my boyfriend wanted McDonalds, so I ended up eating a double cheeseburger and some chips.
They were AMAZING, but I feel guilty and disappointed with myself as now I dont think I will lose anything else this week, even though I got straight back on it yesterday.

I get weighed tomorrow... so out of the 6 days, I have 1 bad day. Hoping I can still lose something... as 5 days out of 6 is still better then 6 days being BAD haha!
I will keep you posted xx
I'm not doing great I am developing a bad habit I have created over last week and this week I know I'm so stupid I ate carby things like chips and picked at kids teas then I was sick thinking it be ok anyway I lost 7 pounds last week so I thort omg I can eat crap puke it up and ill be ok but I'm not ok I'm being stupid I cnt belive I'm doing this I've got to stop I'm not drinkin all my water I'm not eatin all my packs I mean 2night I ate a donner kebab and straight away off to toilet to bring it back up I'm scared I'm doing this now I know its wrong I really do :-( I've been so skint ya see and have no healthy food at all no chicken no salad nout and 2day with last pennys I got I went and bort a kebab out of lazyness and the thought of eating it got to much I just scoffed it so quick and puked straight away I could hit myself I'm so angry! Its all cus I lost weight last week still when I cheated and was sick I got it in my head I getting away with it, but I can feel my body growing very tired where as when I stick to CD strictly I felt lovely and energetic I'm sorry for telling you all this I just wanted to get it off my chest and 2moz a new day I cnt keep doing this now evan if I am loseing weight I'm doing it wrong way so 2moz I'm takin my packs and water and that's it till I'm on it strictly then ill buy some prawns n stuff to eat when hungry next week or summet xxx
oh hun that really doesnt sound good, and by you making yourself sick will only make you feel worse. Having a few days eating crap isnt the end of the world as long as you start a day fresh. Even if you dont lose weight this week, just start again next week. A diet takes time no matter what one you do and you are human and will slip up!
I went out last night, ate and drunk and puked everywhere. Today i have had a fry up... so tomorrow I will be back on it. We cant stop living and for people that love food, this diet is hard.
However we can do it... and tomorrow is a new day.
Just please stop making yourself sick... big hugs xxx

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