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how long can you keep going?


Success leads to success
Hi mightymeat, I would not know how long you can exactly stay on the diet without cheating or who has been on the longest! But I can tell you that its a question of willpower, determination and perserverence. If your positive about losing the weight and determined you could stick to LT religously until you meet your goal!

Even if you do cheat (which you shouldnt, but it happens) you can always get back on the wagon!


Success leads to success
Oh sorry, as for myself I havent cheated once on LT and Ive done it for nearly 8 weeks :)
I've not cheated and have done 21 weeks near enough :)

but as Jodie points out you need to have the willpower and determination and you can go for as long as you need. Got to say that seeing the weight fall off is a great motivator :)

best of luck, you can do it!!


Life is not a Rehersal!
I think MiniB did it for about 6 months as did Summergirl and didnt cheat!

But, it is like the othes said, determination and sheer guts and willpower you need.

I would do the diet for as long as you need to.

Good luck
i started in may and probably wont be finished until february.

my pharmacist is fine with me doing it for this long but i have to have my blood pressure checked a couple of times etc.

cambridge diet only lets you do it for 12 weeks at a time but 4 stone to lose? did i read that right? might only take 12 weeks! xx
This is the longest time I've been on a diet without cheating, but it's also the hardest diet I've EVER tried.

Having said that , the results speak for themselves I'm getting to the stage where all my clothes are too big, even the stuff i bought years ago saying " I'll loose a bit of weight and they'll fit perfectly" lol

Part of me is scared that my weight loss every week will drop, obviously as the weight falls the calories consumed by my body as maintenance will fall, but will my loss follow suit?

Congratulations to EVERYBODY losing weight on lipotrim it really is a hard diet and I believe anyone who attempts it needs a pat on the bac


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Mighty..it does reward you though, eh! It is hard and definitely not for the fainthearted at all.

I see you are half way to your goal...well done indeed!
Wow Im hoping i can stick to it for 10 weeks , but judging by everyone on here thats definately achievable! thanks for the inspiration ladies!


Positivity is the key
Part of me is scared that my weight loss every week will drop, obviously as the weight falls the calories consumed by my body as maintenance will fall, but will my loss follow suit?
as we get nearer our goal our weight loss may lessen, some lose the 4lb a week, some more, some less. It's hard to tell as we are all different. You have done so well to date, if you can stick with it just a bit longer you will see the bigger differences coming. You will still lose more on this diet than on any other. Hope you are feeling better and keep the positivity, it is half the battle. Best of luck.


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Well I am on week 14 and I cant believe I have lasted this long and not cheated once. I reckon I have got at least another 2 months, but like everyone, the results are astounding!! It is such an achievement that we all have done, I think there should be a graduation party when we have all finished and we should all graduate with a degree in motivation and determination!!!
I have to say I am very encouraged by everyone so far.
I guess it really is just a case of willpower and determination but the only black spot I feel is guilt .

My partner was unable to start lipotrim without a doctors letter and her doctor said no until she'd tried other alternatives.

unfortunately her willpower is minimal and she's eating normally which means she's cooking for herself and basically eating alone which really really gets to her even if I'm there when she's eating !

does antone else have this problem?


Life is not a Rehersal!
Sorry to hear that about you OH....why does she need a doctors note? couldnt she go to another pharmacy? I didnt need one and I have an underactive thyroid...

I love to sit at the table and eat with my hubby, so I was a little worried about it at the beginning, but I decided I was going to sit with him...so, I make his meal as normal, and I either have my soup or my shake with him and we can talk. I havent ever found it difficult, it just becomes normal somehow.

This might help in some way.....
I called Lipotrim and asked them how long I can stay on it as I was 19 Stone and have to lose loads, they said to me I can stay on it as long as I have reached my goal. I have lost just over 5 stone now and have 3 more to go. I am doing TFR now since end of April and I'd say that by the End of October I will be all skinny and fabulous hehehe

I haven't cheated up until 2 weeks ago after doing LT TFR for 3 months and I tell you it just makes everything worse as ur body get's out of ketosis and therefore u will start feeling hungry again etc.
basically u r repeating the first (for me horrible) week. Soooo not worth it.

I went through a tough 2 weeks and I tell you that this forum is the main thing that gives me a kick up the bum to continue this journey. And if you just pull urself togehter while u have these cravings and thoughts of giving up, just remind urself why are u doing this?And do u really want to stay like that or do u want to lose this weight once and for all and live a good quality life health- and confidencewise???

I think we both know the answer, so tell the foodmonster in you to shut up and do sit ups or something that just keeps u occupied.

U can do it!!!!!!!!!

I really do feel that for all the agony this is the best diet I've EVER been on and I hope that I'll maintain my beefcake shape after I refeed! LOL

I think the main problem is that most diets last TOO long it would take years to get this low on weightwatchers.

Has anyone else discovered that there aren't many pharmacys doing lipotrim, in wiltshire I use the only one!!!
I was on LT for 30-odd weeks last year without cheating once. It does get easier once you get in the ketosis-zone! My losses did slow down toward the end but I figured that was due to having less to lose and on any other diet I would sts!

Keep going, it is worth it in the end!


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