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How long did it take you to lost a stone?


I am one of the 63336
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It took me 3 weeks (May 2008) but I lost 8lb in the first week. It really does vary a lot from person to person though - and it doesn't necessarily mean those that lose it quickly are following the plan closer. In my case it was because I have so much to lose.
I reached my stone mark today so it took me 10 weeks , i lost 7lb in the first 2 weeks, the last half took 8 weeks :(
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It took me 3 weeks should of been 2 though lol!!! I lost 10lbs my first week then the next week i only lost half a lbs because it was boiling and i was hardly eating then the following week i lost 4.5lbs! :)


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I don't think it's helpful to compare yourself with other people as there as so many factors that affect your weight loss other than just what you put in your mouth. I've seen people lose a stone in a week, and others that take the more scenic route losing half a pound or a pound a week. You don't want to put yourself under the extra pressure of having to compete with people who have big weight losses. All this does is mess with your head and bring you down, making you more likely to come off plan. It comes off in its own sweet time and all you can do is try and maximise the likelihood that it will come off by following the SW rules of sticking to plan, eating your HEs and syns, having lots of variety in your foods and menu, and if possible also doing some exercise.
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12 weeks..
I lost 8 pounds in the first 2 weeks, but then starting uni, birthday parties, festivals, kinda made the last 6 pounds take ages.


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it took me 4 weeks to lose half stone, so I don't know if it will take another 4!


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It took me 17 weeks to lose a stone.
A bit slower than most, but I don't have that much to lose and I am happy with it as it is coming off.
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I lost 16 and a half pounds in my first 5 weeks. But as mentioned previously in this thread. Everyone is different and some people lose quicker than others. The important thing is to stick to the plan and you will lose your Stone in your own time :)


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It took me 8 weeks. My view is that by sticking to plan and eating a healthy diet, I am improving my health enormously. As a side effect the weight comes off. It will come off at its own pace. I'll get there (to target) when I get there :D


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15lbs off in 6 weeks for me. Your body will lose it at its own rate, as long as you are being active and following the plan then in will come off :), you also have to keep in mind that those with more to lose do tend to lose it a bit quicker initially. x

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