how long does it take to get the tablets out of your system?

Discussion in 'Orlistat (Xenical)' started by i love diamonds, 8 October 2010 Social URL.

  1. i love diamonds

    i love diamonds Full Member

    I'm thinking of going back to slimming world because I'm missing stuff like low fat spread, low fat gratable cheese and eggs. I know my losses on slimming world are about the same as on xenical and theres more food choice on slimming world. I know with the xenical I am too scared to cheat because of the side affects and I think that's the only upside but I have to learn to be in control without the tablets because I'm always going to have to watch what I eat. How long do you think it would take for the tablets to be out of my system? I am going to continue eating low fat until I start slimming world but I know some of the slimming world foods are not in the xenical rules. The group I used to go to is on a Tuesday, would I be ok to start then? I'm not going to fall into my old bad habits and binge before I start slimming world because I don't want to undo my hard work. xx
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  3. downsizeme

    downsizeme Full Member

    72 hours according to the patient info.

    I have had eggs and been fine.

    Good luck with your weightloss!
  4. mhairi-lou

    mhairi-lou Full Member

    Downsize me is right 72 hours is what is says, so I would reckon you will be fine by tuesday, and you can always just reintroduce these things slowly once you start slimmng world.
  5. bunny_hops

    bunny_hops Violet is shrinking

    Hi hun, its about 3 days roughly.

    you could do slimming world and take xenical,depending on your meals though..
    you are right though,we do need to be in control of our eating without the blues :)

    keep posting here though,we'll miss you if you go :)
  6. i love diamonds

    i love diamonds Full Member

    Thanks bunny :) .I'm going to stay on this board and keep posting in my diary here if thats allowed? I feel like I know people here and don't want to leave xx
  7. Pinklace

    Pinklace Full Member

    I am doing both as well x

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