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How Long Does It Take ...

Hi there,

I always seem to need the loo more at night! It tookabout a week for me and now I quite enjoy all the water.makes me feel healthier and I think each pee is a bit more fat gone!!
It took me about 4 or 5 days to adjust (i asked almost the same question over in the LL forum lol) it doesn't go on forever, but i still find I am pee'ing a lot more than I used to - but thats to be expected I guess, what with taking in over 4ltr of water a day!

As brooksy said, think of each no.1 as it's own little victory :p
and it's a good promprt for you to go drink some more water as well!
For me, that helped make it an easier "habit" to form early on :)
Brooksy, am trying to drink all my water before 8pm and last night I only woke up twice at about 1am and at about 5am. Which was brilliant as I woke up twice anyway before the diet. I drink 0.5 litres at a go and I think am going to the loo approx half an hour after that. Going to make my soup now and after that a cup of peppermint tea and am done for the day.
Pete!! I remember speaking to you when I joined!! See you've lost 19lbs, well done!! How long has it been now?

As for the water, hopefully by Friday I will be fine .... because this is the one thing about the diet that I do not like.
Hey sylvie, thanks! :)

The 19lbs was from my weigh-in last friday, at which point I was 2weeks and 5days into LighterLife :)

And I guess it's annoying at first, but believe me, you'll almost miss it when you don't have to go so much later on lol
Each time I had to go, I was like
"YEAH! See, Ketosis rocks! there goes a little bit more of my stomach that I won't be seeing again!" :D

Hopefully you'll be back to 'normal' by the end of the week.
Chin up! (and weight down :) )


I will get into that wedding dress!
in my book it says 4 PINTS (2.25 litres) not 4 Litres!! please tell me im right and its 4 litres im struggling with that!!!

Serena A

Can't think of a title
The book says 4 pints but that is the absolute minimum to replace what we're not getting from conventional food. Many people say that they lose better in the weeks that they have drunk more (I attend a weekly group and we have all found that to be true ourselves) but others say it makes no difference to them...


I will get into that wedding dress!
HA HA HA!! oohh i could deffo go a pint of coke (thats my main addiction the cola variaty just so you know!!) gonna try and up the water!! (although have just weighed myself not gonna do it again as ive done this religously for 2 days and i weight the SAME!!)
Woohooo!!! I managed to have all my 3 and a half litres before 8pm and only woke up once at night ... I think my body is getting used to it. Time to drink the first litre ... :) .... When am home all day I could easily drink 4litres.

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