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How long for bad side effects?

I have had a few moments of weakness..last night a ripple and a pkt hula hoops and today a fair few cadburys clusters (dont even try them!)
This is the worst of 2 good weeks ...I am on Xenical but have not had any ill effects from these indulgences..and I can't help but feel slightly disappointed..any one got any ideas why I haven't had side effects or do u think they are just delayed?
Thanks for taking the time to read this
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Hiya during my time of taking xenical i had a few weak moments and expected side effects and never got them i was really suprised but the other day i ate some of the kids left over fried chips from a restaurant and the next morning i had tons of orange oil and a few little leaks during the day never enough to leak through but still enough to put me off doing it again! I ate all really low fat but still had orange oil for 3 days! NEVER AGAIN!

I think it depends how much fat you consumed when you took tablet etc i no i wont risk it again though!
Hi. I've been on them for a week and have had none of the horro side effects. On one hand I am relieved, but on the other I am worried they aren't working. I can't really tell as my scales at home are so unreliable.
For some people, after eating something high in fat, the side effects can occur within hours, for others it can be up to 2 or 3 days later, and in a small amount of people nothing will happen at all.
Strangelady if you stick to a low fat diet ( 5% fat) then you should have no side effects at all, unless you eat something that at the time you were unaware of the fat content ( I really recommend using a food diary and keeping a record of everything you eat).
In the year I was on Xenical, I never had one side effect, kept a food diary ( which I still do), and was religious about label reading ( still am lol :D )
thank you everyone, its crazy how I can stick to it if i think something bad will happen if i dont...but when I'm off track I want to know that it will'work' by giving me horrid side effects so that i remain good...even crazier that the thought of running risk of heart attack, diabetes and all the other illnesses associated with eating junk isn't enough to scare me????

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