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How Long Have You Stuck 100% on SS


needs a real kick in the
i did about 8 weeks last time round, and plan to go as long as possible before i add my ss+ meal, but we'll see x


Perseverance is key
Ive been on SS nearly 8 weeks now and havent cheated once, I havent thought once about cheating and im not going to start now either! :D im too focused on my goal :) xx

last time i did 12 weeks straight just like you can do before i did an 810 meal thing.
I did 12 weeks straight SS+ ..then went on holiday.... then back to SS+ again for 14 weeks

When im 'on it' ....im 'ON IT'

lol xx


loving life
I did 12 weeks on ss then the 810 week which is a must then did ss+ for the remainder. 43 weeks no cheats, job done lol.
Did my 10 weeks before my hols, no cheating.
I figure if you are going to pay the money and then eat on top you might as well do slimfast. I couldn't justify spending £38 on milkshake, and then eat too.
My first restart was a disaster though, tried for 2 days to start and couldn't.
THIS time I am now day 3 and no cheating, want to just get my 10lbs back off that I put on, then see how I feel.


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I managed 4 weeks before I cheated, but it sooooooooooo wasn't worth it so I'm not doing it again!
I'm doing SS for 12 weeks now with no cheating at all.....and still going strongggg. . . .


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
been on SS since the 18th January, had an 810 week when i hit my halfway point to my goal at about 8 or 9weeks and then stuck to it since. I'm not gonna sabotage myself this time like i have my previous 2 attempts at CD! I found it easy once i found my routine :)
Wow! you guys are inspirational!

I've got ALOT to lose on CD and I know that I'm obviously not going to be able to do SS all the way through.......I intend to try and stay on SS for the first 12 weeks, what does everyone recommend me doing after that?? Can I continue with SS?

I meet my consultant on Tuesday and start on Monday 19th......... I'm really excited! xx


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
hey soon to be yummy mummy! you can do upto 12 weeks of SS then have to have a week on the 810 plan which is 3 shakes and a small meal. After that you can go back to SS for another 12 weeks and so on. Good luck - this diet is really hard at first -the first 3 days are the worse but after that it is awesome. The weight drops off soooo quick! :)


needs a real kick in the
hi, you will need to add a 810 meal, but then you can go back to ss as long as your bmi is still over 25. thats i would plan to do also, then when my bmi is 25 i will ss+ and then 810 untill my bmi is about 23, then go up through the plans of 1000, 1200 and 1500 hopefully getting me to about 21.
what hight are you,
good luck,
I've been on it 8 weeks now without cheating and I'm not going to either. I'm of the same opinion as mrsessex :)
Thanks girlies, I'm really looking forward to starting it!!

I know it's gonna be hard and I'm gonna be on it for a LONG time but hopefully it will be worth it!!

Good luck girlies xx
Wow, you really do stick to it but i thinking of it if i'm going to spend £50 a week i may stick to it 100%..
Thanks everyone

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