How long is a class and weigh in


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when i got to my wi its 6.30 and if i stay i am home by 7.30 some are done in 30mins
Normally 6.30-7 wi
7-7.30 meeting talk :)


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Hiya Hattie, well done for joining its hard to do it before christmas. The wi starts at whatever time it says so 6pm til 6.30 and then the talk is 6.30 ish til 7ish! after the meeting they talk to the new starters and explain to you how the plan works and that kind of thing. I hope you get on well :)


Thanks Gem,

my partner is coming round to see how I get on (bless) so need to let him know what time i'll be home.

Am kinda looking forward to it now :p:)