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How long till you start to notice a difference??


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I guess it depends on your starting point. Although I knew I was losing for the first few stone, I was still essentially the same shape, though clothes were looser. Since I hit size 16 (12 stone) I can really see the differences now, my collar bones are out etc.

im new to this and not sure if im even doing it right im just wondering how long it takes to notice a difference.

how longs a piece of string lol

like said before depends on your start weight and how much you want to lose

with me, i noticed after the first stone i suppose...clothes started falling off etc..people commented after the first stone and a bit


please try again
hmm well i feel like im still looking the same thou others can see it

when i started my car seat was all the way back with my stomach touching the steering wheel and now my chairs forward 2 notches and theres a good sized gap and ive lost just over 2 and a half stone

did you take measurements at the beginning?
Hi Lara, I've just lost 3st of my 6-6and a half stone target,I can tell a lot on my clothes now,but people are only just starting to notice,partly because I did put on my weight so quickly so now just look like I did summer 2008,but also I am guilty of wearing shapeless cover up clothes.
However everyone noticed a change in my confidence and happiness only a week into the diet, because I was so happy to be back in control and doing something about my weight.x

my cdc took my measurements i dont need too lose a great deal but i do wanna do it before the christmas parties. have put the weight on over a long period of time and the stayed the same weight but now i have totally had enough. so 2 weeks ago i joined the gym and last week started this diet.i just hope i go this week and have a loss or i am going to be so disapointed.

thanks again
Stone and a half for me means drop a dress size. But I think my head is still not caught up with where I really am. Lots of people comment on how much I've lost, but I see some, not all. Think thats normal though and my head will eventually catch up. I just see my tummy and nothing else lol
flowey... soo true

the head does take AGES to catch up doesnt it?? i only take stock of what ive lost when i see my reflection in a shop mirror or window etc..then think 'wow!'

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