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how long to get back into ketosis??

You may not even be out of ketosis. Keostix are not reliable. They change readings hourly hun. If you are out, I am sure it won't be like first going into ketosis, I'm not sure. Hope the dentist went ok! :) x
fingers crossed then girls lol hi summer got all hyped up need 2 fillings and a scale and polish then she said ill book u in 4 next week i sat there thinking wtf now i got 2 do it all again
checking with ketostix right after eating is pointless - there will be sugars etc in what you've eaten so the body won't produce ketones. The point is that whilst you're still eating, its not enough to power your body throughout the whole day so you have to use fat reserves.

Plus I've found checking during the day, given how much water you're probably drinking, isn't much good either as your wee is too diluted.

You're better checking first thing in the morning - that will show you if you've been burning fat whilst you sleep!


I can haz cake?
you are better just bunging the KS in the bin, getting on with the diet and K will come as soon as it comes. You drew a line under your mistake, and thats just brilliant. Don't let it get you down. xx

p.s i really can't imagine you'd do that much damage with sausage, its on the list! of course depending whats added... I had a butchers sausage (meat only) and I was still in K.

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