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How many calories?

I net 1200 a day, which means I eat back my exercise calories, and make sure I don't net below 1200. Have you tried My Fitness Pal? It helps you work out the best number of calories for you, based on your height, weight, activity levels and rate of losses wanted :)
My basic is 1200 aswell... I sometimes dip into my exercise cals but try not too :D Only been on it a week

Good Luck xx
You seem to be doing really well - well done. Is it for any occassion? x
Awww, thank you, that's really kind :eek: No, no occasion, although I've decided I'm gonna be slim for Xmas, for the first time in my life. And I WILL be, thanks to CCing :) Can't believe I wasted so much time losing tenny bits of weight on Slimming World, when all I had to do was count my cals and watch it drop off me! :cry:

You'll love it, I'm sure!
Thank you. How are you finding it?
Hard at first, as I used to 'faff' around with Slimming World for 2yrs beforehand. Getting used to it all now though, hopefully after my 1st week of staying the same, I am hoping for a nice loss next Wed :D x
Thanks for the replies. I have tried every diet going. I have quite a lot to lose but I have decided that summer 2012 is going to be a summer where I am dreading it getting warm because I haveno suitable clothes.. I have just been out for a run/walk and by that I mean 5% running and 95% walking but I figured I had to start somewhere.. I know look like a beeroot!!!


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Hi Chereally.. I'm 1200 as well and I eat back most of my exercise calories..

Your walk and run is a great idea.. Start slowly and work your way up. A lot of people on here are doing C25K. It might be worth taking a look....Hmm. No I'm not one of them :eek:
Started on 1400 an have dropped to 1200 now I'm close to goal. I only use my exercise cals to repair any damage for the naughty days ;)

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I change every week depending on how much i have left to lose for the month. I am only aiming for 2lbs a month so i get to eat a lot tbh.

This week is a maintenance week for me, so 1820 juicy calories everyday, and i eat all my exercise cals back too (i exercise 5 days a week for half an hour). Loving it this week :D

Next week i will aim for a 1lb loss so 1200 net for the week.

Providing i lose that 1lb then the next 2 weeks will be 0.5lb loss, so i'll net around 1550.

If i lose my 2lbs in those 3 weeks then i get another maintenance week.

This way is far too slow for some people but i am in a healthy BMI now and i am so paranoid about losing muscle and not fat. My cousin went from 11st to 8st and she is so skinny but she wobbles all over, she is skinny-fat and i don't want that to be me.

Good luck xxx
All those on 1200 cals can u give me an idea of how much you are losing a week? Also when it comes to exercise calories do you have your 1200 then on top of that eat your exercise calories?

Sorry for all the questions but I'm thinking about giving calorie counting a go rather than slimming world :) x

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I average 1-2lbs a week.. Also I eat most of my exercise calories back.

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