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how many pts in mcdonalds?


Talks too much
well done you! give urself a wee pat on the back there, but discreetly incase anyone in the office thinks ur a nutter! lol

Beef Deluxe 13
Beef Deluxe with bacon 14
Big Mac 9.5
Bigger Mac 13.5
Bacon Cheeseburger 7
Big Tasty 17.5
Big Tasty With Bacon 20.5
Cheeseburger 6
Chicken Deluxe 8
Chicken Deluxe with Bacon 9
Chicken McNuggets (4) 3
Chicken McNuggets (6) 4
Chicken McNuggets (9) 6.5
Crinkle Fries 6.5
Chicken Select x3 6
Chicken Select x5 9.5
Chicken Lengend with Cool Mayo 8.5
Chicken Legend with Spicy Tomato Salsa 8
Chunky Chips 5
Double Cheeseburger 9
Fillet o Fish 6
Fishfingers (3) 4
French Fries (small) 3.5
French Fries (med) 5.5
French Fries (large) 7.5
Hamburger 4.5
Ham and Cheese Toastie 4
Hot 'n' spicy 9
McChicken Premier 7
McChicken Sandwich 6
Miami Melt 13.5
Mexican Premiere 9.5
Mexican Quarter with Salsa 9.5
Mozzarella Dippers 5.5
Salsa for Mozzarella Dippers 0.5
Onion Dippers 2
Potato Wedges 6
Junior Chicken Mayo 5
Quarter Pounder with Cheese 10
Vegetable Deluxe 6.5
Wedges 6


BBQ Pork Melt (White Roll) 6.5
BBQ Pork Melt, No Cheese (White Roll) 5.5
BBQ Pork Melt, No Salad (White Roll) 6.5
BBQ Pork Melt, No Cheese, No Salad (White Roll) 5.5
BBQ Pork Melt (Brown Roll) 7
BBQ Pork Melt, No Cheese (Brown Roll) 6
BBQ Pork Melt, No Salad (Brown Roll) 7
BBQ Pork Melt, No Cheese, No Salad (Brown Roll) 6
BLT with Cheese 9.5
Cajun Chicken Wrap 10
Chicken Fajita Wrap 10.5
Chicken Salad 5.5
Chicken Salad, no Cheese, no Salad 5
Chicken Salad, with Cheese, no Salad 7
Chicken Tikka 5.5
Chicken Snack Wrap 4.5
Grilled Veggie Melt 8
Honey Mustard Chicken Snack Wrap 5.5
Meatball Melt with Cheese (White or Brown Roll) 8.5
Meatball Melt, no Cheese (White or Brown Roll) 7.5
Meatball Melt, with Cheese, no Salad (White or Brown Roll) 8.5
Meatball Melt, with no Cheese, no Salad (White or Brown Roll) 7.5
Roasted Beef in Mature Cheddar 8.5
Roasted Beef and Red Onion Relish 10
Smokey BBQ Chicken Snack Wrap 4.5
Sweet Chilli Chicken 8.5
Sweet Chilli Chicken with Cheese 10
Sweet Chilli Chicken, no Cheese, no Salad 8
Toasted Deli Spicy Veggie, no Cheese, no Salad 8
Spicy Veggie with Cheese, no Salad 8.5
Spicy Veggie, no Cheese 8
Spicy Veggie with Cheese 9.5
Meatball Melt, no Cheese, no Salad 6
Meatball Melt, with Cheese, no Salad 7.5
Meatball Melt, no Cheese 6
Meatball Melt with Cheese 7.5
Cheese, Ham & Pepperoni 12
Vegetable Deluxe 6.5


Crispy Chicken Ranch Salad 6.5
Grilled Chicken & Bacon Salad (small) 3
Grilled Chicken & Bacon Salad (large) 5
Grilled Chicken Ranch Salad 5
Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad 5.5
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad 4
Garden Side Salad 0
Low Fat Newmans Own Balsamic Dressing 0.5
Low Fat Newmans Own Light Caesar Dressing 1
Low Fat Newmans Own Ranch Dressing 1
Crouton Sachet 1


Butter Portion 2.5
Flora Portion 1
Salsa for Mozzarella Dippers 0.5
Strawberry Jam .5
Philadelphia Light 1.5
Barbecue Dip 1
Heinz Tomato Ketchup Dip 0.5
Smokey BBQ 1
Sour Cream & Chive Dip 2.5
Sour Cream & Chive Dip (25ml) 1.5
Sweet Chilli 2
Sweet Curry Dip 1
Sweet and Sour Dip 1


Apple Pie 4
Belgian Bliss Brownie 7.5
Double Chocolate Muffin 9
Carrot Sticks 0
Donut 7
Fruit Bag .5
Ice Cream Cone 2.5
Ice Cream Cone with Flake 3.5
Toffee Sundae 6
Toffee Swirl Oreo Cookie McFlurry 7.5
Strawberry Sundae 5.5
Low Fat Blueberry Muffin 5
Triple Chocolate Muffin 10
McFlurry Cadburys Dairy Milk Biscuit 7
McFlurry Crunchie 6.5
McFlurry Dairy Milk 6.5
McFlurry Smarties 6
McFlurry Orange Matchmakers 8.5
Mix n Muddle 4.5
Wobble-iscious Friut Jelly 1
this is absolutley fantastic! i keep working out different combinations of things to entertian myself!! its great....although im starting to get really hungry now and its only 10.30!! thanks once again hun x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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