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How many syns??????????

S: 17st3lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 5st7lb(31.95%)
Just wondering......how many syns do you have a day?

Although it says 5-15 a day our leader says only have 10!

Does anyone else find this?

Only reason i ask if that sometimes having 15 syns a day would reallllly help me and i was wondering does anyone more or less have the full 15 a day and still loose weight??

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At the moment I'm trying to keep my syns to a minimum - about 6/7 a day, but thats because I have justed started SW and I really want to make a good start leading up to Christmas.

After Christmas I realise that I will have to go higher otherwise I will get bored not having a little treat every now and then! I really try not to use my syns in cooking, I like to have a hot chocolate in the evening!!
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Ours says 10 a day and carry 5 over for "that special treat". I'm not sure about this, I try to eat as many as I can a day but so far not quite managed the full amount a day like today 8 1/2 syns and cant think of anything else to have
I usually have the full 15 every day. I will save some up if im going on a big night out though. This has seemed to show me a 2lb a week weight loss every week so im happy with that and I dont feel like im missing anything.


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We had someone in our class who said about dropping back her syns and my consultant basically said that she could have the 15 and it shouldn't make any difference. My consultant is all for going for everything you can get within the rules :)
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I got told that you are allowed the full 15 but to try to stick to around 10. I slao got told not to save them up but others have said it's okay... think i'll see how i get on - i'd like to have some wine at the weekend!
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Its always been 10 as long as I have done SW. 10 is the average so if you have 5 one day then you can have 15 the next. Averages to 10 a day. For men it was 15 or 3 hbs. If i have 15 i would not lose the weight. If you are still losing weight and having 15 then carry on by all means but if you find you're not losing then stay at 10 which is 70 a week. xx


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I use all mine, I need about 6 for all my cups of coffee (semi-skimmed milk = 1/2 per cup) I use the rest, just had 3 chunks cadbury's caramel mmmmmmmmmmmmm
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I was told 10 syns a day by my consultant when I joined last week. I've done SW previously though and was always told to have 15 syns. She always explained that have your 15 a day, and when you reach a plateau, then reducing your syns then can help.
So basically this time round I'm having 10 a day, but if I go over ( up to 15), I'm not beating myself up about it.
Got my first wi tomorrow night:D
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I have 8 - 10 per day on average but perhaps a few more at the weekend. Like the others have said if 15 per day works for you and you are loosing carrry on!
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My consultant says use all 15 and only drop down if you are starting to plateau. But she says certainly newbies to SW should be fine on 15, and most people afterwards.

That said, some days I don't need to use all of them, but I don't tie myself to less, it just sometimes works out that way.

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