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How many?

hi gemma, ive tried to get my calories down to the 1200 mark on a general day to day esp if im going to the gym if its my day off from the gym i tend to eat around 1000 but im not a pro dieter as ive only just started but this seems to be working for me at the minute and i dont find that im too hungry as i fill up on the salad veg. but i am combining this with 45 mins a day in the gym and a spinning class once a week at the moment also to boost things in the right direction. hope this helps
There are some online calculators which would tell you for your weight and height how many calories you should aim for a set target. I'm new and I don't think i am allowed to post links yet - but try googling "free weight loss calculator" or something similar.

Good luck

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I use My Fitness Pal .com which is free and it tells you how many calories for your height and weight and fitness you need, and then how many you should have to lose 1lb a week, or 2lb a week etc. And there is a section to note what you eat and it counts up your calories for you, and also you can include what exercise you do.

Thought it might help as I wouldn't have a clue otherwise :S
It all depends on your current weight and height, however, they say to maintain the same weight, a woman should eat 2000 calories.

I'm counting calories just now and try to stick to 1500.
I find 1500 manageable and by eating the correct foods can go through the day without a hungry feeling


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Another simple way of doing it is to take your weight in pounds and multiply it by 11. That is the maximum you should consume to continue to lose weight. Don't forget to do the calculation after every weigh in though x

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