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how many?


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we had one guy in our class who was eating 6 a day while they were on offer a while back, he gained 2 weeks on the trot and all it could be put down to was the amount of yoghurt. So I guess it will differ from person to person so keep an eye on it x
One of the members at our group has upto 12 a day :eek::eek::eek:. She doesn't have all that many losses, more ickle gains or STS.

Personally for me I have 1 most days after dinner thats it though.

Mrs V

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I just have one a day and have it over mixed fruits. It can effect people differently if you eat too many of them though!


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i have one max a day. i figure if i wasn't on SW i wouldn't normally eat more than one a day so i won't when im on SW! you know?!
thanks girls. think i will try and stick to one a day for a week at least. sometimes i think im eating them for the sake of it or when i could be using syns for chocolate.x


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I usually mix one with hartleys sugar free jelly crystals, gives you 3 good size bowls of like a moose, free and yummy

Wee Doll

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i dont really eat alot of yoghurt but if i do i crumble an alpen light bar into it :D

( which are on offer for £1 a box in tesco )


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I used to eat about 4 a day, and I think I went into overkill!
Now I have maybe one a week, as I really got sick of them!


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how do i make the jelly/yog mousse thingy please?x
Basically make up the jelly but only using half the water it says, let it cool and set slightly then whisk in the yoghurt, pop into the fridge until set.
made manderin one this morning and thats mega yummy

Wee Doll

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i just had a fat free forest fruit activia and used a scan bran to dip into it and it was lush :D


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I used to have 6 or more a day - but as it was put to me - fat free yoghurts like muller lights are "artificially" free rather then naturally free - they're made to be low fat/virtually fat free, rather then being that way naturally.

In the end though - my wallet couldn't support that kind of intake - and i know my lossess suffered, so i now try to limit myself to two a day. it's one of my week points thuogh - so i buy two every day - the upside is - that it's an excuse for a walk in the evening when I get home... :)



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I usually have one a day, with mixed fruit for breakfast. I don't like breakfast, so it's a compromise :) Sometimes if I'm feeling peckish when I get home from work I might have another one while I'm deciding what to make for supper. Never more than 2 a day though, as I would never have eaten more than that prior to starting SW :)


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