How much boullion can you drink?

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  1. roundrachel

    roundrachel Silver Member

    Lighter Life
    how many boullion drinks are we allowed per day? (the stuff that's not LL you can get from the supermarket that's much cheaper) I know we are only allowed two savory drinks so I'm guessing it's the same?

    I have a friend doing LL at the moment (following my success!) and she just wanted to know but I never had any of the stuff when I was on it.

    BL, I know this is your area of expertise so I'm sure you'll have an answer!
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  3. pete10141748

    pete10141748 Postaholic

    LighterLife for Men (VLCD)
    Far as I know it's 2 servings, the same as the LL savoury drink though I don't know about how much of it you use per serving!
  4. Blonde Logic

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  5. roundrachel

    roundrachel Silver Member

    Lighter Life
    thank you! I'll let her know x
  6. amanda30ronan

    amanda30ronan Full Member

    what is bullion ??? am i missing out on something tasty ? lol :D
  7. slendablenda

    slendablenda Gold Member

    Yes it's tasty a clear savoury soup really, made by Marigold. It comes in a round tub, sold in health food shops and supermarkets, usually near the stock cubes etc.
    There's the standard version in the green tub with an orange lid and a puprle version which is lower salt. I think there's a vegan version too - not sure.
    You can have 2 teaspoons per day. The green one is quite salty, but I like it best.
    It's spelt bouillon and pronounced bweeyon, not bullion (that's gold.
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  8. amanda30ronan

    amanda30ronan Full Member

    lol thanks i was thinking it was like gold bullion !! what does it taste like ? kinda like oxo ?? just wondering if its worth me buying some as I am really struggling with the soups , therye making me gag and am only on day 5 !!!
  9. slendablenda

    slendablenda Gold Member

    No , it's clear and light, rather like chicken soup, but veggie, slightly celery taste, very savoury. I like it. You still have to have the soups or shakes. The bouillon really helps you to drink the amount of water you need without it getting too boring.
    I find the LL fruity water flavourings help too. You can have them warm or cold. They are expensive, but also help in the toilet department if you have a tendency to constipation on the diet - although if you drink plenty of water that helps too.
    If it's any consolation you do get more used to the soup flavours as time goes by. ( I did it for 10 months!)
    If you try not to think of them as something tasty, but just a way of getting all the nutrients you need to stay healthy it does help. Just a means to an end really.
    Good luck - keep going. It is SOOOOOO worth it. xx
  10. amanda30ronan

    amanda30ronan Full Member

    i know i just hold my nose and think I NEED TO DRINK THIS !!! lol i love the shakes tho !
    ok thanks I wont buy any then as i cant stand celery !! lol
  11. slendablenda

    slendablenda Gold Member

    You don't have to have the soups. You can have all shakes. Some of them are really nice warm. The vanilla is good hot with a spoonful of good instant coffee whisked up. It's like cappucino. YUM
  12. amanda30ronan

    amanda30ronan Full Member

    yeah i am going onto the shakes only , sounds yummmy if only i liked coffee lol
  13. Jennifer80

    Jennifer80 Full Member

    I really love the savoury broth mmm and i LOVE the vanilla shake with a coffee, i have just discovered it :D It wakes me up 1st think in the morning and keeps me full until dinner time :p
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