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How much can I expect to lose in the 1st week?

I am not sure because people lose different amounts. I had 2 stone 11lbs to lose and lost 9lbs in the first week... others have lost between 5lbs - 14lbs!
Hi I started the diet 2 weeks tomorrow . I weighed 13 st 9 and would like to get to 9 st 9 . I lost 8lb in week 1 but I need to drink more water !! alot of people have lost more in week 1 but I think it depends on how much you have to lose . I did lighter life 2 years ago and lost 3 st in 10 weeks . Good luck .
Mum of 4 Boys, how much water are you drinking at the moment? Its my first week- well my second day actually- and I am trying to get my body used to such a big intake of water, when you dont drink that much around 3 litres is huge!

I was wondering the same thing about how much I may be able to lose, I guess it just depends completely on each individual person though. To be honest, right now, I would just be happy with a loss.
Hi aussieraquel I think i have been drinking about 3/4 pints and It should be more like 4/5 . I have now started to buy sparkeling water as its less boring and nice and cold from the fridge (with ice for a treat !!!!! ) Dont worry about a loss on your 1st week I am sure you will be shocked at how much you lose . Good luck .

How Soon Is Now

Tahlula Bandanna :D
i just had my WI today and lost 7.5 but there are ppl who have lost 13 and more...it really depends! but u can expect a good loss better than normal diets! and its supposed to average out at 1 stone a month so one week might not be loads but the following weeks will add up!!!

stick with it!
I'm on day 4 now and its hard this morning! I've been feeling faint and to make it worse the cappuccino shake is horrible! But I WILL stick it out! Wish me luck!

How Soon Is Now

Tahlula Bandanna :D
Good Luck!

its so awful when youve bought horrid shakes and ud rather starve than have them...but apparently thats really bad for you! so hold your nose and down them!

Erin x
Hi i'm on day 11 in week 2 i only lost 4lbs last week but it was TOTM which apparently affects loss hoping this week will be a little higher I had the same trouble with the cappucino shakes gagged all the way through save them till last and your cdc will swap them for you hope it's going well <3

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Well done for pushing through :) Ketosis can be rough to get into if you didn't slim down on carbs/sugar/caffeine before starting CD. ((hugs))

Weight loss as you can tell largely varies person to person.. but you WILL lose so believe ;) and be strong! :)

As for shakes you don't like.. you will never forget! lol and again it's an individual thing.. I can't stand vanilla or walnut and toffee! lol

look forward to congratulating you on your loss in a few days! :)
Well done CardiffGirl; I hope my first WI results will be similar. Just wondering as we're the same height - are you on 4 cd meals a day too?
Sort of. I only have 3 packs a day but my CDC said it was ok for me to have some milk (for my tea and coffee) as long as its not loads. Good luck!

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