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How much did you lose in week 1?


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I am on day 4. Weigh in is on Thursday. Thus far I have resisted getting on the scales as I don't want to be disheartened if the numbers haven't gone down!

However... I want to be inspired by you all. I know that week 1 losses are not just fat and you lose stools and stomach contents etc... but weight is weight!

How much did you lose in your first week? Inspire a newbie! :D
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Hi Guru, I lost 13lbs my first week and felt fantastic. It's been 9 weeks now and I have lost 49lbs so it's not just the first week to look forward to the good results carry on. Good luck with your journey.


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I lost 11lb in my first week and am currently on week 4, get weighed tonight and hoping for a total of 21lb off in those four weeks.

Someone more knowledgeable than me can correct me if I'm wrong but my understanding is that the loss in week 1 is mainly glycogen, the ready-access energy store that you keep in liquid form in muscles and liver; most people carry a fairly constant amount of glycogen, with me it seems to be 11lb as that's what i lost first week on LL back in 2005. After that you're in fat burning so loss is proper fat loss!


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I lost 8lbs!!


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I lost 10lbs in my first week. It makes it so worth while when you see that the first week's effort has paid off!


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Ooo I'd be SO happy with half a stone!


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I lost 13lbs in my first week but as mentioned above most of that would have been glycogen - but it is a great feeling. I am now in week 14 and have lost just over 60lbs - weigh in is tomorrow night. I have about 40lbs left to go and am as positive now as I was at the beginning.

This is a great diet, no make that an awesome diet, if you stick with it, drink the water, have your packs, get into ketosis and allow CD to do its magic.

Good luck with your weightloss :D
i lost 11lbs ,Im on week 6 now (weigh in tomorrow) and iv lost 23lbs so far.

is this true tho, my cdc says that even if i dont lose weight Imight lose inches....clothes looser this week, but scales not moved.!


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I lost 12lbs in my first week. I restarted last week due to a week off and lost 10lbs!
I lost just under 7lb my first week-but it did coincide with totm.:rolleyes:


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I lost 15lbs in my first week!


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hi guru,

in my first first week, i lost 12lbs and then went on to lose 34lbs in the first 6 weeks.

in my second first week, i lost 12lbs again but didn't make it to week 2.

this time i lost 8lbs but it was only 6 days. would have been another 12lbs if i had been able to get weighed on the 8th day like normal.

it varies for everyone. i know i hold a lot of water weight so my first week always heralds a massive loss because i let go of all the water!!! x

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