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How much did you lose in your first week?

depends on your weight and how much you have to loose. The more you have the greater the loss.

I lost 10lbs

its all down to height and weight
I lost 6lbs, but had quite good losses up to now, with the exception of Xmas!
My average loss per week at the moment is 4.36lbs. The average for a woman they say is 3lb per week, so I'm happy!.
You know Mandy they say women loose slower but in some cases like yours and a friend of mine the weight shifts.

Shows what they really know :)
10lb for me Louale, and I continue to be amazed at how much comes off each week! Over ten weeks I lost 50lb, so an average of 5lb a week is more than I could have hoped for!
Wow, some amazing losses!

Can only hope to go about 7lbs in my first week, will be very interesting to see tomorrow.

Louale x
Wow, some amazing losses!

Can only hope to go about 7lbs in my first week, will be very interesting to see tomorrow.

Louale x
Hi Louale

My first weigh in tomorrow too and like you hoping for at least 7lb.....can't wait to see how we've done!



Do a little dance!
I was too hoping for 7lb first week loss and then around 3lb on average a week. Although with 6lb loss in the first two days I think I'm secretly hoping for 8-9lb as a bonus.

But no matter what, going to be happy with ANY loss. It's all going in the right direction isn't it!
Hey Em, you ARE normal!

Everyone I know - including me - has done that.
Openly expected a certain weight loss in the first week, but secretly hoped for more and then had to be pleased with achieving what they said, but a bit disappointed it wasn't more!!
Complicated aren't we?
It's different for everyone and depends on so many factors including how much you've got to lose and what your eating pattern was before LL.
Also men lose more weight and more quickly generally than women . BAH!
On average you'll lose a stone a month,maybe a bit more at the start, and 1 stone equates to about 1 dress size.
You are doing fine.
we loose more because men need more calories naturally, so i guess it makes sense the body would eat the fat reserves more readily for us.


Do a little dance!
So you lose weight faster on LL eating less the same, and then when we eat the same post-LL we can put on when you won't! SB was right - bah men!

i lost 15lbs in my first week
i have had fairly high losses my llc says its because i am so tall (about 6ft)
OMG, 15lbs! that is an amazing loss, that's got to be a record!

Louale x
:( due to the fact that I can't get a medical yet, I'll be starting foodpacks about halfway through the week (on weds, and my group is on saturdays) That means that my first week won't be dramatic like others, booooooooo! Will update, if I have a weight loss on first week. Should I expect one from only effectively 3 full days of being on it?
WOW Ella,
Way to go girl. Fabulous start.


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