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How much do I eat?

Can anyone please tell me what is one serving of pasta? I'm talking about the Penne type. I'm going to boil pasta and then add it to a garlic and tomato based sauce with some veg!

I never weighed pasta before only dolloped a huge portion onto everyones plates lol.

So am I supposed to weigh the pasta dry before I cook it, and how do I do that if im cooking for four people lol
(confused)! :confused:

Any advice appreciated :)
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A standard evening meal portion is 90g, however this is quite calorific so I try and stick to 75g for evening meals and 50g for lunches (dry weights)

It is hard to measure when you have cooked it I find so perhaps you could cook yours seperate in a small pan?
I always have 50g dry weight of pasta, which is plenty for me for dinner or lunch.

I agree with the above idea about cooking yours seperately, then you can be sure you're sticking to the 50g :)
Thanks everyone! That is a good idea, in future i'll weigh out a portion of dry pasta for myself and boil it separately to the others then just add the sauce at the end. :)
After reading this thred today i boiled 150g for three people and my other half walked into the kitchen looked in the pot and said "where's yours love"

hehe think he just realised Ive been counting his calories too he is not thrilled :sigh:


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My way is probably the long way in doing this, but I weigh everything I intend to put in. I work out the calories, and then I weigh it as a whole. So if after cooking, it now weighs 1000grams and I worked out 1500 calories, Then I work out 150 calories per 100grams. I do this with everything I cook. I know it's really complicated, but if you write your ingredients down and how much, you never have to weigh it again, just cook the recipe and know that 100g is 150 calories for example. Hope this makes sense!

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