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Extra Easy how much do people lose each week?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Kaytay94, 8 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Kaytay94

    Kaytay94 Member

    I did my first weigh in today and ive lost three pounds thought it would of been more cos its the first week, but i think its cos sometimes i forget to have my healthy extras :/ and sometimes my superfree food but im just glad ive lost something anyway, i thought i would remember things without writing them down but i cant, so found it a lot easier to keep a food diary. :)
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  3. Berryred

    Berryred Gold Member

    You can see my stats in my signature :)
  4. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    I've lost between 1 and 2.5lb most weeks. Had a few small gains and two stay-the-sames. One of the gains was followed by a 4lb loss which was my biggest. 1-2lb is a healthy amount to aim for. In the first week, big losses can come from losing a lot of water weight and depend on how unhealthy your diet was before and your body type. Well done on your excellent 3lb!
  5. Kaytay94

    Kaytay94 Member

    yeah im quite proud that ive lost 3 pounds thankyou :) tbh im not bothered what i lose as long as im not putting it back on :D
  6. lolacola

    lolacola Silver Member

    I normally lose around 2lbs per week :) Good luck!
  7. Lily

    Lily Gold Member

    I think it can vary a lot, depending on
    • how much you have to lose
    • how old you are
    • how many diets you've been on

    Frustratingly, I rarely lose much more than a pound a week. But it's much better off than on, and I can eat when I'm hungry. Slow and steady wins the race. So they say, anyway. :)
  8. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    The food diary is a fundamental part of the plan when you are just starting out. As you say it's easy to forget that you didn't have that healthy extra or the few more syns in the biscuit you forgot you ate etc. 3lbs is a great start, well done! Everyone loses at different rates but 1 - 2lbs per week is an average. Men lose quicker so don't even try to compare your stats as frustrating as it is, you cannot compete with a man :banghead:

    Good luck on your SW journey.
  9. lardylady

    lardylady Gold Member

    I lost 2lb in my first week but then lost 5lb in my second week, and averaged between 1 & 2lb per week thereafter, with the occasional gain or maintain, despite sticking to plan 100% the whole time.
  10. gazter

    gazter needs to get a life

    1% of your body weight is a safe amount to lose if you are on plan. First week weight loss is more about your body using up its first stage energy reserves (glycogen), it uses that up first when your body begins to eat less than it needs to sustain itself. This is often referred to as 'water weight'. Some people have big losses, some have small. It's often a reflection of just how bad your eating was prior to going on plan. If you were following a different diet immediately before changing to SW, your week one loss wont be anything spectacular.
  11. Superfree Princess

    Superfree Princess Silver Member

    Mine has varied between 5.5 and 1/2 lb since I started...
  12. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    On average i lose less than 0.5lb a week, but i tend to lose like 1lb a week then maintain. Then lose.
  13. NotsofattyPatty

    NotsofattyPatty Gold Member

    I gained in my first week and have since averaged around a half a pound a week, but I just kept plodding away.

    I think one thing which can make a big difference to the amount lost, is the difference between your former eating habits and the SW plan. If you used to eat lots of fried foods/takeaways/chocolate/crisps/cheese etc and drink a lot of sugary drinks (whether alcohol or pop) then following SW is going to make a huge difference and the weight will drop off. However, if you always ate a lot of fruit and veg, already had skim milk, drank diet cola and so on, the difference is not going to be that great and your weight loss will be slower.

    Don't compare yourself to anyone else. Feel pride in whatever you achieve and persevere and keep a food diary - if you have one on here you'll soom make some friends who will help you.
  14. green eyed monster

    green eyed monster Silver Member

    thats a lovely post. xx

    i generally lose about 1lb a week. its still going in the right direction though. x
  15. busybee123

    busybee123 Full Member

    I loose even less then that, but I don't have much to lose. I note only loose between 0.5 - 1lb a week. But I am happy with that as its consistent and I hope this way I will then be able to maintain it.

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  16. Kaytay94

    Kaytay94 Member

    im going to the gym now to weigh myself, hopefully i have lost at least something, but i went to cosmos the other day for a meal for valentines day (all you can eat buffet) so im not sure
  17. Kaytay94

    Kaytay94 Member

    I maintained this week which im still pleased about :)
  18. kiggles85

    kiggles85 New Member

    I lost 3 pound in my first week and 3 1/2 pound today my second week :)
  19. gazter

    gazter needs to get a life

    Tremendous start!!

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